Papillon MDC Inc. provides state-of-the-art leadership development programs, executive coaching, and personalized psychometric assessments to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Directors across various industry sectors worldwide. We help organizations attain a competitive advantage by awakening and optimizing the potential of its leaders.

Papillon MDC Inc. recognizes that organizations gain a competitive edge when they invest in identifying, optimizing, and sustaining their talent. Talent is the most precious resource, and successful organizations know this. Leadership development and talent management are top priorities for many organizations, including not-for-profit and health services.


In my former role as Director of Human Resources, I valued Mirella's contributions as a business psychologist and executive coach in developing our key talent. I received very positive feedback from the individual executives she worked with and also from their individual managers following their 3-way coaching sessions. Mirella exemplified the role of an executive coach, one who maintains a high level of confidentiality with her clients, whose coaching style is open and non-confrontational, and is able to continually engage her clients throughout the coaching process. I have also been able to get to know Mirella as a person; one who enjoys life, who is mindful of living her life well and in harmony, and continually looks for ways to improve herself.
Anne E. Primeau
Director of Human Resources (retired)