Papillon MDC Inc. provides state-of-the-art leadership development programs, executive coaching, and personalized psychometric assessments to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Directors across various industry sectors worldwide. We help organizations attain a competitive advantage by awakening and optimizing the potential of its leaders.

Papillon MDC Inc. recognizes that organizations gain a competitive edge when they invest in identifying, optimizing, and sustaining their talent. Talent is the most precious resource, and successful organizations know this. Leadership development and talent management are top priorities for many organizations, including not-for-profit and health services.


I had a chance to work with Mirella on different occasions. What struck me was the fact that there was nothing in common in those coaching mandates: different issues, different goals. I realized that Mirella’s effectiveness does not depend on a specific type of intervention. In each she was capable to go deep to the root cause of behaviours. The coachees were provided thoughtful questions to evolve their leadership to the next level. She does not only work on the "what to do" but also on the "why we act a certain way". This leads to long-lasting personal development.
Patrice Bernard
Senior Vice President, Financing & Consulting - Quebec
Business Development Bank of Canada