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Promoting corporate social responsibility

Acts of kindness need not wait for the right opportunity, but require a letting go of all preconceived notions of what is possible. Making the «impossible» possible is what we aim to do!   Mirella De Civita

Papillon MDC Inc. believes in giving back to society in a profound and tangible way. The work we do benefits many individuals and their families. We improve the professional lives of leaders, and in turn, they lead a more fulfilling personal life. Our services help leaders make important decisions, recover from adversity, and redirect their professional lives. As such, we strongly feel we can continue to build on our strengths as professionals by offering our services to non-profit organizations. We do our work mindfully, and we are mindful of our effectiveness.

Since 2012, our team has donated more than 470 hours of pro bono professional services in the area of training and development, executive coaching, facilitation, job analysis, interviewing skill development, psychometric testing of potential and selection, as well as team building, team alignment, and team collaboration. This represents an investment on our part of over $257,000, which has led to positive outcomes for three local charities, one international community based in Africa, and a community of women soap making entrepreneurs in Senegal. It has also facilitated the works of Fernando Barbosa with at-risk youth in South America, and helped Alexandre Lavallée train in Taekwando, compete at both the national and international level, and achieve his goals. Learn more about their efforts, the charities we supported, and their experiences of partnering with Papillon MDC Inc. by reading below.


An Evening of Great Music for An Even Greater Cause

The MUHC Chronic Viral Illness Service

Papillon MDC Inc. is proud to support McGill University Health Centre Foundation providing much needed funds for the MUHC Chronic Viral Illness Service. Join us in helping the foundation purchase vital equipment, fund patient care, education and research initiatives and change the lives of people living with chronic illnesses such as HIV.

On November 7th, many enjoyed a magical evening of music with contemporary singer Barbara Lewis who payed tribute to the late Leonard Cohen. All proceeds from the evening went to support people living with HIV/AIDS. Click on the link below to learn more and to make a life-changing donation.


You can also watch CTV news coverage of the event.

Seven Inspiring Leaders

In 2014, Papillon MDC Inc. set out to discover what makes leaders inspiring and great at their work. The seven leaders selected share their stories about their unique process of leadership. Through their stories, you discover what it means to be truly aligned with one's inner core, and how to always bring your best forward despite challenges and unexpected turn of events. Since the interviews first aired, Michael Boychuck, has retired from his position as President of Bimcor, and Jonathan Ferrari is now the Co-CEO of Culiniste and co-founder of makegoodfood.ca . We wish Michael and Jonathan continued success in the next chapter of their lives.

The Arthritis Society

Radix Poster

Having social purpose means seeking out meaningful partnerships with organizations whose sole purpose is to have a positive impact on the world and those who live in it. At Papillon MDC Inc., we put our time and our money where our mouth is to bring about social change. This year, we are proud and honored to support “Kids On the Move” - a camp devoted to bring magic into the lives of children living with arthritis. This week of magic allows kids between the ages of 8 and 16 to enjoy physical and leisure activities adapted to their unique needs. These children are our leaders in the making! Go ahead and learn how you can make a difference today!

Papillon MDC Inc. a Major Sponsor for "Radix: Designer by Nature" Event

Radix Poster

For the first time ever, Papillon MDC Inc. was extremely proud to be the major sponsor of the second edition of the art exhibition Radix: Designer by Nature from September 7th to September 9th, 2016 hosted by Sandy Cavallo at Cavallo Design. Radix welcomes and brings together local artists who embody the essence of creative thought and, in the process, lends its support to their local art scene. From photography, paint, jewelry, fabric, art and music, the exhibition promises to delight your creative side and leave you breathless. We were also very proud to introduce our young talent- Margaux Roncière’s art work during this art exhibition (see below).

As part of this great event, Papillon MDC Inc. supported The Montreal Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Clinic. The event was a great success! To learn more and sign up for next year, go to www.radixmtl.com.

Margaux Roncière: Young leader making a difference in the world

Still Life Painting by Margaux Roncière

Margaux Roncière is fifteen years old and currently in Secondary 3 at Collège Ste-Anne de Lachine. Her keen eye for beauty and simplicity is captured in her paintings of landscapes. She began painting when she was 8 years old, and it has become for her a means of celebrating life, giving, and communion with nature and people. Margaux also has a passion for community service and at the young age of 7 she raised over $1200 to purchase live stock for a community in Bangladesh. This year, Margaux is teaming up with Papillon MDC Inc. in helping women in Senegal develop their leadership skills to market their soaps. She will be designing and developing stories that capture the competencies young women require to benefit from the wisdom and experience of their mentors. Her art work will be featured as part of the story-telling for these women. Margaux’s artwork was on display at the Radix art exhibition, (www.radixmtl.com), organized by Sandy Cavallo of Cavallo Design.

Link to recent news about Margaux: http://read.papillonmdc.ca/culmination-inspiring-journey-papillon-mdcs-work-lands-senegal/

Margaux Roncière

Fernando Barbosa: Young leader in Action against Child Labour


Fernando Barbosa was born and raised in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He holds an Economics and International Business degree from Concordia University's John Molson School of Business. He is also a trained actor. His passions for acting and social change inspired him to co-found "Educating the Streets - Building Society" an award winning capability building program for working children, using performing arts and engagement from all actors of society in Bolivia. He started acting when he was 10 years old, and has appeared in several plays and independent films in Bolivia, Montreal and New York. Since high school, he has been an advocate for youth engagement, being the lead representative at the United Nations youth group model (BolmUN) and actively collaborating with organizations such as "Seeing through the Heart" a non-for profit organization that supports blind youth. More recently he was invited as guest speaker at the World Bank's Youth Talks. He is currently working on his first documentary film "Take Off"- inspired on the daily struggles, but also, dreams and hopes of working children who live on the streets of his home town. Fernando enjoys reading biographies, playing tennis, and eating.


Link to Captain Shoe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xi0Q0kF90wc

Link to Take Off Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk0i0VsnTMM

Link to recent news about Fernando: http://read.papillonmdc.ca/fernando-barbosa-dreams-take-flight/

Papillon MDC Inc. is a proud financial sponsor of Fernando's Take Off documentary.

An Amazing Run Dedicated to the Fight against Cancer
at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto

photo KAtia Toronto Marathon As part of her devotion toward winning the war on cancer, our very own Katia (second from left) participates in several half-marathons per year raising money and hope for survivors and all who have lost a loved one. The team at Papillon MDC Inc. is incredibly touched by her kindness and dedication, and aims to offer support in whatever form is necessary to Katia as she endeavors to meet her goals for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Dear Katia: Continue to jog along for the cause of cancer!

Papillon MDC Inc. Partners with Crossroads International and Green Beaver

Mirella De Civita signs the partnership agreement with Crossroads International and Green BeaverLeft to right: Mirella De Civita, Papillon MDC’s CEO, Astou Niang, Program Officer with Crossroads, Alain Ménard, Green Beaver's Co-founder and CEO, and Christine Campbell, Interim Executive Director with Crossroads.

Papillon MDC Inc. believes in the power of giving of ourselves, and asking for nothing in return. We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Green Beaver and Crossroads International, who is spearheading this project. This initiative aims to increase the productive capacity and ultimately incomes for a women run soap making business in Senegal.

Crossroads' local partner Union Nationale des Femmes Coopératrices du Sénégal (UNFCS) is at the core of a network of 15,000 women cooperators who produce a range of soaps in ten regional unions across Senegal. Through these cooperatives women get a foothold in the local economy and it puts them on the road to economic independence.

Papillon MDC Inc. has designed a tailor-made mentor-mentee training program for young women that addresses their unique context and challenges. The program was delivered directly to the women entrepreneurs in Senegal this past July and a next phase has recently been announced to implement the mentor-mentee program in 9 other regional unions. For more information about our work with Crossroads International, please click here.

Thioro Fall, coordinator of Union nationale des femmes coopératrices du Sénégal, and Louise Ndiaye, president of the regional union in Diourbel, were warmly welcomed in Canada by two of Crossroads’ Canadian partners, The Green Beaver Company and Papillon MDC Inc. Both partners are supporting the work of UNFCS and the female members of their soap making cooperative.Thioro and Louise enthusiastically participated in the production of soap and tested the production of liquid soap in Green Beaver’s laboratory. Their meeting with Papillon MDC Inc. included a lively discussion on the development of a leadership training program for young women in Senegal. We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this innovative private sector partnership! You can learn more about this partnership here: https://www.cintl.org/news/en/news-corporate-partnership-with-green-beaver-and-papillon-mdc

You can also read more about the three involved companies in Umalia's newsletter Stimulus.

Papillon MDC Inc. is the "Official Sponsor" of a young athlete in Taekwondo:

Alexandre Lavallée

A martial arts film enthusiast since his childhood, Alexandre Lavallée has been practicing taekwondo since the age of six. This young 21-year-old athlete now competes against the best athletes around the globe!


Although his debut in this Olympic sport was quite modest with rather limited skills, he had to work twice as hard in order to keep the pace in his workouts. His increased commitment and hard work were rewarded by obtaining his black belt at the age of 13. With this achievement in hand, he made the decision to follow his dream and work toward becoming an Olympic athlete.

Always pushing himself to bring forth the best he has to offer to the sport of Taekwondo, Alexandre rapidly achieved competitive success through his work ethic and dedication to this sport. He won fights against the best European and Canadian athletes, and even against some Olympians athletes.

His devotion toward martial arts has deepened his values of courage, loyalty, self-control, humility, and determination. He strongly believes these values, along with discipline, respect toward others, and helping those in need have greatly contributed to his athletic achievements, as well as academic focus, and personal life.

With his personal mission to become an Olympic athlete in Taekwondo, Alexandre Lavallée is not only interested in winning gold at every competition, but he is committed to pushing the limits of his capacities. To help Alexandre realize his dream, Papillon MDC Inc. is proud to offer the support he needs to compete at the national and international levels. We believe in providing concrete support to young leaders to take flight in their dreams, and Alexandre is one exceptional leader. The team at Papillon MDC Inc. will also assist Alexandre in preparing for his competitions by coaching him to his potential.

A word from Alexandre: « “I am fully aware that the journey I am on is a long and arduous one, rippled with defeats, challenges, and turning points. I am devoted to my sport, and have tremendous gratitude toward the generous support of the team at Papillon MDC Inc. I feel privileged knowing that I have the chance to actually live my dream”.

Alexandre Lavallée honored

Alexandre Lavallée, our star athlete, was honored for his excellent academic performance at a recent ceremony held on November 24 at the l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Papillon MDC Inc. is extremely proud and happy to see Alexandre not only invest in his chosen sport of Taek Won Do, but also give of himself 100% in his studies. We wish him continued focus, perseverance, and the courage to work through all obstacles as he works at achieving his career and sports goals.

Korea Open and training camp

Over the course of the last few years, the Korea Open has become one of the most prestigious and awaited tournaments in the world of Taekwondo. It takes place every year in South Korea, the founding country of this martial art. For an elite athlete, participating in this tournament can not only give him a chance to get invaluable experience, but it can also allow him to accumulate important points in his international division. The points, earned from this tournament, can allow the athlete to improve his world ranking and eventually become a serious contender for the Olympic games.

Furthermore, some of the best Taekwondo fighters can be found in South Korea. University and professional Korean teams, such as Samsung's, have some of the best trainers in the world and a very large group of internationally renowned practitioners. A foreign athlete who has the privilege of training and living with these teams not only develops his skills to another level, but often returns transformed from this experience.

Any athlete wishing to perform on the world stage must consider spending some time in South Korea in order to deepen and transform his/her development.

Papillon MDC Inc. is therefore proud to provide Alexandre with the opportunity to achieve his dream of training and living with the world's top Taekwondo athletes.

Winners of the 2014 Contest!

This year our team at Papillon MDC will accompany Pour 3 Points in its mission to bring fellowship, purpose, and happiness to many young youth in the community through its volunteer sports coaching programs.

Pour 3 Points believes in social equity for young people living in underprivileged areas. We also believe that one day all the young people from underprivileged areas will have the opportunity to develop their potential to become resilient and healthy adults, living a happy life while being engaged in their community. We invest all our efforts in achieving this vision.

That is the main reason why Pour 3 Points helps develop and transform sports coaches into life coaches. These life coaches will accompany and help the young people from underprivileged areas develop the necessary skills to succeed in school and in life.

The Team Pour 3 Points

A word from Mr. Fabrice Vil:

The team at Papillon MDC Inc. helped us through a talent development program, which required a thorough understanding of where we are today and where we hope to be. They worked to help us identify the competencies necessary to ensure the future growth and success of Pour 3 Points. They provided clear and concise recommendations on how we can now take actions on our own to propel ourselves forward, and helped key members of my team put in place individual development plans. Not only are we better equipped to support current employees, but we are also better prepared to recruit future employees. With a solid talent development plan in hands we are able to live our mission, and see our future state more clearly. Thank you so much for your excellent work!

Past Winners

In 2013, our team at Papillon MDC accompanied two organizations with similar missions: Contribute to the well-being of people living with incredible challenges. These two organizations almost tied at the finalists' presentations. The first prize was awarded to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC). The second prize was awarded to the Youth Association for the Development of the Lake in Benin, Africa (BC-ONG).

2013: West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC), Beaconsfield, Quebec. To learn more about its mission, visit at:


A word from Ms. Debbie Magwood:

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre was very fortunate to have won a contest for nonprofit organizations, whereby  Papillon MDC graciously "gifted" us with both Katia Nelson and Mirella De Civita's expertise. The two mandates that we received were Professional Coaching for myself, the Executive Director, and the "The Alignment Project" for our team.

The quality of the Coaching support I received was outstanding. Mirella was able to understand the challenges of a nonprofit and quickly adjusted to meet our needs. She helped me to review our approaches and guided me to further grow as an executive. Mirella's wisdom, knowledge and kindness made the experience rewarding.

The Alignment Project taught the team to assess communication style and tailor communication to it.  It also enabled us to create a Team Charter, with very specific goals and objectives, thus strengthening our charity's mission and vision. Katia was a calm, gentle guide who facilitated the group to a powerful conclusion.

We are very grateful to have had this donation from Papillon MDC's team of experts and would highly recommend them.

Debbie Magwood; Founder, Executive Director

2013: Youth Association for the Development of the Lake, Benin, Africa (BC-ONG). To learn more about its mission, visit at:


A word from Mr. Hypolitte Dansou

Link to recent news about Hypolitte:

2012: Handicap International Canada. To learn more about its mission, visit at:


A word from 2012 winner, Mr. Marc Drolet

Our organization was the first winner of Papillon MDC Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. We had the opportunity to benefit from services offered by Mirella De Civita and her team of esteemed colleagues. It is obvious to any manager that developing a good team spirit is essential to optimal functioning. With the team coaching led by Katia Nelson and Marie-Claude Lapalme, we were given the opportunity to learn the collaborative approach to teamwork as well as understand where we were insofar as espousing collaborative behaviors to determine where we wanted to be. Following this analysis, we then developed, a Leadership Team Action Plan, which outlined a common team goal, with clear steps to meet our objective.

As the Executive Director, I also had the opportunity to benefit from executive coaching with Louis Brassard. The personalized approach, regular follow ups, and his sound advice helped me develop my leadership skills and enhance my decision-making capabilities.

Overall, it was an extremely rewarding experience. We are entirely grateful!.

Marc Drolet, Former Executive Director, Handicap International Canada


Young Leaders Make a Difference

Papillon MDC Inc. the "Greatest Sponsor" of Benin 2014: The Power of Books

We, at Papillon MDC Inc., have had the privilege of financially supporting the work of five incredible young leaders who are inspiring in their own right, and who motivated us to push the boundaries of our own potential and to work toward giving more. In the fall of 2013, we were deeply touched by a group of young leaders (ages range from 14 to 16) who had made the decision to organize a humanitarian project in Benin, Africa for January 2014. Their mission was to build a community library in Sô-Ava, a 100 000 people lakeside village near Cotonou, and bring with them a minimum of 6000 books. Papillon MDC Inc. was thrilled to contribute to this generous act of kindness.

The project consisted of developing a library in the lakeside community of Sô-Ava, in Benin (West Africa). Today, it is only library of the area, and we hope it will greatly facilitate access to information and to education, as students will be much more motivated to work with valid sources.

We were honored with the announcement of a library room having our Corporate name.

photo young_leaders

photo young_leaders

The team has also developed several other aspects around this central idea. For more information, visit www.benindefihumain.com or www.igg.me/at/benin2014.