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When a client has an objective that is not being met, operational effectiveness is always attributed to either people or process...and most commonly, a combination of both. Addressing one without being mindful of the other is often disastrous...or, best case, a waste of time and money.

Our partnership is the ideal answer: Papillon MDC takes care of the "people" part of this complex equation by helping leaders transform how they see themselves in their roles for greater impact while JTX Inc. focuses on the "process" part to ensure effective changes in tools, strategies, and methods. The two companies therefore share a "passion" for YOU—The center of where change resides.

JTX Inc. is Papillon MDC Inc's partner of choice as its senior business advisors bring a wealth of strategic and operational experience to optimize your business outcomes.

Visit www.jtx.ca to learn more about about how they help corporations align their internal processes and structures to achieve the best possible results.

Umalia works with private and not-for-profit organizations to help ensure that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are strategically designed, positioned, and implemented to achieve far-reaching benefits. The team at Umalia works to propel the reach of investments, large or small, by helping detect, bridge, and engage culturally cohesive partners in initiatives designed for collective wins.

Umalia is Papillon MDC's partner of choice when Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are needed by our clients. Furthermore, Umalia has established and implemented our very own social responsibility initiatives.

Papillon MDC and Umalia share the common mission of striving to make a difference in the life cycle of organizations and individuals by optimizing potential; thereby promoting meaningful change around the world.

Visit www.umalia.ca to learn more about how they can breathe life into your own CSR mission. Read also about Umalia in Action.

At StratPerspective, we believe that the success of your business depends on your capacity to innovate in today's constantly changing world. We specialize in developing the creative capabilities of your management team to identify effective business strategies for your company. We offer the following services to increase your competitive advantage: Injecting innovative thinking in your strategy formulation, implementing and facilitating your strategic planning process, ensuring the effective execution of your strategic plan and management training on strategy formulation for your team.

StratPerspective is Papillon MDC Inc.'s partner of choice when you want to take a fresh look at your business to attain your growth and competitive objectives. We also complement each other because the development of a good strategy is directly related to the effectiveness of the management team, one of Papillon MDC Inc.'s areas of expertise.

Visit www.stratperspective.com or contact founder Sandra Coffey at 514-243-9979 or via email at scoffey@stratperspective.com to learn how StratPerspective's unique approach to strategic planning can help your company.