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Papillon MDC Inc. is committed to develop and sustain your talent. All of our speaking engagements are tailored to your current needs and future vision. We work mindfully with steady determination and commitment to ensure that your audience walks away with new insights to promote their own personal transformation.

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Invited Speaker at the Council of Public Affairs Executives,

led by The Conference Board of Canada, May 2017

This one day event organized by the Conference Board of Canada focuses on Transformational Leadership, and invites participants to engage in an interactive discussion that explores how transformational leadership develops and sustains its impact on the environment even during crisis and rapid change. Come and be part of the discussion as Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC Inc., guides the group to delve into specific topics which are then elaborated by an invited panel of leaders known for their transformational ways of being. To be part of this exciting event, please contact Ms. Wendy Mitchell, Director Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations at

Invited Speaker at the Institute of Internal Auditors of Canada, May 2017

Passeport-Formation 2017, a two-day event organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Canada is approaching fast. Register today and join Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC Inc., on May 15 at her conference « Incremental or Transformational Change: What does your leadership mean to you?» intended for internal audit executives. We hope to see you there!

Invited Keynote Speaker at Stikeman Elliott, December 2015

Mirella was invited to share her thoughts on employee wellbeing to a group of leaders invited by Stikeman Elliott. In attendance were Stikeman Elliott’s group of professionals as well. Mirella spoke about integrity in the workplace, and how leaders ought to focus greater attention in the use of their words and actions to motivate and inspire. She also called for greater presence in the here and now. Her message of finding moments of insights in everyday life resounded with audience members. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: “I usually tell people to get out of their minds and into the moment where they find themselves. In essence, I tell them to get into their lives. I share a point of view that goes something like this: Finding solutions to our challenges lie not in the dialogue we have in our mind, but in noticing how things really are IN THE HERE AND NOW… To learn more about her talk entitled: Focused Attention: The Path toward integrity, please contact us.

Mirella provided a live coaching session, November 2015

Mirella was featured in the Real Coaching Unplugged operated by MCC Mentor Coach as part of its ICF Continuing Coach Education Program. If you were not able to hear Mirella coach live - no worries! You can purchase the recording by emailing for the details.

Invited speaker at St-Michael’s College in Vermont, September 2015

Katia at St Michael College in Vermont

Our very own Dr. Katia Nelson, Principal at Papillon MDC Inc. was cordially invited by Professor Marie-France Nelson to enrich the minds of young students as they embarked on a self-discovery journey regarding their future. She lectured to three groups of undergraduate students in the Department of Marketing. During her time with the students, she presented innovative ways of seeing themselves in relation to their current knowledge, their unique potential, and what they have to offer in terms of technical skills. She brought to their awareness the importance of developing one’s “Leadership Brand” in line with who they desire to be as they transition into the world of work. The students displayed curiosity and the drive to broaden their thinking when exploring future job opportunities. The content shared with the students is part of our “Brand You” program, a unique approach to helping leaders in transition identify their strengths and capitalize on their “Leadership Brand” when presenting their unique selling proposition to potential employers.

Papillon MDC Inc. Grand Sponsor of the Canadian Society for Industrial

& Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) Mentor Event, June 2015

Papillon MDC Inc. was the official sponsor of the CSIOP Student-Mentor Event program held on June 4-6 in Ottawa. Isabelle Tremblay, former internship student and Senior Consultant at Papillon MDC Inc. spoke at the event on behalf of our team and the purpose of the work we do. Ms. Tremblay is a PhD. candidate in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Université de Montreal. Papillon MDC Inc. holds firmly on its commitment to develop the next generation of leaders in the area of psychology. Through the sponsorship of this program, we have made it possible for psychology graduate students to partner with reputable psychologists delivering their services in the corporate world.

SQPTO Katia Promotion

Photo from the event

Papillon MDC Inc. Grand Partner of the Société québécoise de psychologie

du travail et des organisations (SQPTO) Mentoring Program, March 2015

Papillon MDC Inc. was a proud sponsor, as Grand Partner, of the launch of the SQPTO Mentoring Program, on March 26th, at le Cercle des HEC restaurant. Katia Nelson, Principal at Papillon MDC Inc. will act as a mentor to students or young professionals. Papillon MDC Inc. believes and supports the development of the next generation, as well as encourages their employees in their volunteer initiatives.

SQPTO Katia Promotion

Katia Nelson

Invited Keynote Speaker at L’Oreal Canada’s Leadership Forum, February 2013

As an invited guest, Mirella began her lecture by asking the audience to think of a blue elephant. She then asked them to stop thinking about the image and to pay attention to what she wanted them to remember. Without question the audience could not stop thinking of the blue elephant. She used this live example to illustrate the importance of the mind and how it often tells us what it wants to see and believe even when the context is asking for something different. She used the concept of psychological flexibility to illustrate how leaders ought to behave in order to nurture their talent, and create the competitive advantage. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: “The majority of people who leave their positions walk away not from the corporation, not from HR structures, but from you—the leaders. What can be done to help change this state of affairs? We need to begin by changing the way we think about our work in relation to people. As appointed leaders, your job is to develop the ability in others to do their work… To learn more about her talk entitled: Maintaining the Competitive Advantage, please contact us.

Papillon MDC Inc. Grand Sponsor of the Annual meeting of the SQPTO,

May 2012

Papillon MDC Inc. was one of the Grand sponsors of the Annual Meeting of the SQPTO, which provided a forum in which professionals interacted with future graduates in organizational psychology. Katia Nelson led the session, and ensured a smooth process throughout the morning. Mirella was also one of the invited guests where she spoke to several graduate students about the role of executive coaching in the development of talent. Papillon MDC Inc. firmly believes in nurturing future talent, and through its implication we made it possible for two of our own to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.


Freshman Seminar, McGill University - MacDonald Campus:

Leadership – the core in each of us, October 2014

Speaking Engagement at Executive Forum:

Knowing Who you Are when Managing People, October 2013


Interview with "Les Affaires", June 2012

Please download the full transcript of the interview translated in English


Invited Keynote Speaker at the Women Leadership Forum,

Pratt & Whitney Canada, January 2010

The organizers of the Women Leadership Forum wanted audience members to learn about the role of mentoring in developing future talent. Mirella was asked to share her views through her personal journey, and how she came to appreciate the role of mentoring in her own lives. Weaving together personal and professional experience, Mirella illustrated how the coming together of presence and self-acceptance can be important elements in propelling oneself forward. She used poetry from some of her favorite poets to underscore the making of extraordinary presence. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: Extraordinary presence begins by knowing what you are made of. How you use words to describe yourself and others gives shape to who you are. As a mentor and executive coach, I use three skills to bring awareness to the conversation. To learn more about her talk entitled: : Extraordinary Presence, please contact us.