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Executive Programs for Continued Growth

Papillon MDC Inc. believes in facilitating development throughout the leadership life cycle of individuals. To honor our commitment to our clients, we offer three unique programs that address specific needs.

The Executive Sounding Board Program is designed to support leaders in their decision-making process. Leaders who have experienced the benefits of a coaching program, appreciate having access to their coaches on a needs basis. Often such leaders will tend to reach out to their coaches for support during challenging work-related situations. The coach’s role is to provide the structure and function to the coaching conversation; thereby, allowing the leader to arrive at his/her own decisions and conclusions. The program also enables coaches to partner with the leader in co-creating different solutions by either providing the leader with interesting and relevant information to consider or offering suggestions in a manner that enables the leader to contemplate and reflect on the whole prior to making his/her decision.

Executive Sounding Board

Target audience: Executives who have already experienced a coaching program, and desire to have access to a coach on a needs basis. A specific number of hours is assigned at the start of the program.

Goal: By having access to his/her coach on a needs basis, the leader creates opportunities to discuss, reflect, and to engage in a constructive dialogue around what he/she needs to accomplish in relation to his/her leadership position.

Benefits: Depending on how the sessions are leveraged, the leader can expect to broaden his/her perspective of challenges and personal impact; continue to sharpen his/her abilities and skills in relation to managing leadership challenges effectively; and strengthen his/her accountability to the leadership role within the organization.

The Purposeful Executive Career Optimization Program (PECO) is aimed at helping executives broaden their career-related horizons and engage in clear decision-making while understanding the importance of transferring their knowledge to their teams before their departure from their current role. The "departure" can take many forms. It could be a transition to retirement, a new career within the organization, or a transition to another career out of the current organization. Whatever the transition, Papillon MDC Inc. will be present to help executives take flight. In this manner, we are mindful that the reputation of the current organization is as important to preserve when it comes to helping the executive in the process of transitioning with grace.

The program begins by empowering the executive to transition with focus and positive intentions. This requires helping the executive organize the transition by considering what is required to ensure the transfer of knowledge to direct reports, teams, and/or colleagues. Once the transition is complete with the help of a coach, the program redirects the executive's attention to aspects of career planning and decision-making.

Purposeful Executive Career Optimization (PECO) Program

Target audience: Executives in transition toward a retirement, a new career within the organization, or exiting the current organization.

Goal: The goal is two-fold: (1) The organization benefits by ensuring that all knowledge is captured and transferred effectively prior to the transition of the executive; and (2) The executive is supported during the transition process, as well as during his/her onboarding in the new career role.

Benefits: The benefit is three-fold: (1) The corporate organization preserves a “justified and positive” reputation on the market; (2) The corporate organization capitalizes on all the knowledge and experience of the departing executive to ensure a continuation of the same level of team performance; and (3) The executive departing his/her current role is able to move forward with focus and positive intention, which will provide the energy and broad perspective to experience optimal well-being in his/her new career position.

The BrandYOU! Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the MarketTM program aims at helping leaders shift their mindset from seeing themselves as a “product” to seeing themselves as “buyers” of their next job position. Far too often job seekers position themselves as a product where recruiters get to weigh the pros and cons of them being hired. This leads to a sense of disempowerment, which contributes to hasty decision-making. When leaders learn how to position themselves as successful buyers of their next job position, they are more effective at communicating their capabilities, skills and competencies. They, in essence, become the decision-makers of the “fit”.

BrandYOU! Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the MarketTM

Target audience: All leaders, regardless of their position, who are currently seeking their next career opportunity.

Goal: By shifting mindset from product to buyer, leaders learn how to position their skills, knowledge, and experience in a manner that places them in the driver’s seat during job interviews. They learn how to ask powerful questions during the interview process to determine whether the job is a cultural fit for them.

Benefits: Leaders gain awareness of how to hold productive conversations during the interview process, which can inform their decision-making process. They also become more effective at marketing themselves by creating a unique position in the recruiter’s mind; thereby, producing a lasting impression.