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Good program! Mirella is as good as it gets; patient and a great teacher. You feel she can connect with you both one-on-one and as a group. Overall, it was refreshing to have a group of people from other industries to “sharpen our minds” and learn to be real coaches and leaders together.
D.E., VP of Sales, Apparel Industry
I found the course very informative. I was amazed in how small changes in your approach can have a big impact. Mirella is very clear and concise. She knows the material very well and was able to always adapt to the group. Overall, I think it was a great program.
P.P., VP of Finance, Apparel Industry
This was an excellent course both in what was presented, and how it was presented. It kept my attention for the 2 full days. I left with practical techniques to improve my management skills.
T.B., Director, IT Infrastructure, Investment Management Firm
Ce cours est excellent! Bel équilibre entre théorie et pratique. Les liens entre le sujet et la neuroscience sont fascinants et pertinents. Magnifique vulgarisation! Mirella really trains for a lasting impact!
C.P., Director/Directrice, Organizational Development/Developpement organisationnel
Unlike any course or session I have been involved with before! Immaculate applicability and will change me from course completion forever in how I manage/coach myself, my team, my family. Mirella is kind, gentle, direct, helpful, and she knew when to lead the group and when to follow with precision! .
M.I., Operations, Manufacturing
Impressed by how quickly the group embraces this and how trust was established. Practical tools supplied; very helpful. I admire Mirella’s ability to “go with the flow” and flex information with the group’s dynamics and news. Very practical! Learned how to utilize effectively in 2 days! One of the best training sessions of my 30 year career!
S.S., Vice president, Sustainability & Innovation, Manufacturing
Excellent initiative for our company to start this program! Mirella is really competent; we just saw the tip of the iceberg, in terms of competencies. Good 101 coaching program. Good to do this training in house!
L.B., HR, Manufacturing
Particularly enjoyed the manner in which the course was conducted; that being an immersive and interactive experience. Content is relevant and can easily be applied to practical day-to-day interactions over time (love the formality of the model). Mirella’s teaching style is dynamic and humble. She is clear, and energized to see her participants learn and develop. She has a way of bringing the course content to life!
D.G., Director, Financial Reporting, Manufacturing
The overall course was excellent! Mirella was an engaging facilitator; who was able to modify the flow of the class based on the needs and the desire s of the participants. She also ensured that no one was able to hide from participating in the class.
P.S., Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing
Great benefit for employees and managers! This course should be mandatory for all managers at a minimum. Mirella had an excellent interaction with the classroom. She kept us all engaged and motivated. Very practical training which I can apply at work and at home.
G.D., Senior Account Specialist, Aerospace Industry
Very good skills to learn; very useful to me today, and in future roles. Mirella has an excellent grasp of this method and was very capable of pointing out how to adapt where the pitfalls are. The pace was very good, and the size of the group enabled good discussions and allowed for practical application of theory learned.
N.K., General Manager, Aerospace Industry
I think that this is a very practical course that will bring results quickly. Mirella had a good and open approach. She simulated examples that were very eye opening. I really enjoyed the class. I was actually surprised that there is a technique to influence people in the desired direction smoothly and effectively. I can see the need to practice.
J.T., Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry
Good program! Mirella is an excellent facilitator. I was happy with the course and the content.
T.H., Senior Manager, Aerospace Industry
Cours bien construit, stimulant, claire et simple! .Donne des outils qui permettent beaucoup de se développer. Mirella maîtrise extrêmement son sujet et sait le rendre intéressant. Bravo! J’ai beaucoup apprécié.
V.O., Conseillère en ressources humaines, Aerospace Industry
Super cours! Beaucoup d’exemples; adapté à notre environnement et organisation et surtout en lien à notre rôle pour démontrer les pièges.
P.R., Conseillère en ressources humaines, Aerospace Industry
Excellent cours; très bon contenu. Mirella est très en contrôle du contenu.
E.D., Aerospace Industry
Excellent cours! Je me sens assez outillée pour expérimenter le modèle avec les gens de mon entourage (travail et vie personnelle). Je suis convaincue que ce cours m’a aidé à devenir une meilleure personne.
M.P., Conseillère en ressources humaines, Aerospace Industry
Contenu très utile et transférable au quotidien. Cela va beaucoup m’aider dans le travail et la vie de tous les jours. Mirella est une excellente animatrice.
INITIALS, TITLE, Aerospace Industry
Excellent course, great and valuable coaching approach that I believe I can use every day. Great discussions in the group. Mirella is very talented, enthusiastic and inspiring. She brings a valuable perspective to coaching. She guides and helps understanding concepts as well as displaying great practice.
P.M., Development Program Lead, Aerospace Industry
I was very skeptical coming in; even tried to cancel! But very happy I came!! Gave me very good tools to use in a practical way. Mirella was very clear, approachable and very engaged. I think this should be mandory for all managers.
A.O., Manager, ITC Program Office, Aerospace Industry
Pertinent course, usable content that is simple and clearly shared. Mirella maintained the pace, engaged her audience by using a mix of examples and names of participants to grab attention, and promote realism, and practical exercises.
Participant, Strategist, Aerospace Industry
This program is a definite paradigm shift and highly recommended! Perhaps should be mandatory for every manager! The expertise in the field of Dr. De Civita is uncontestable – very credible and a great learning experience for me. This was by far one of the best “set of skills” course I have taken. I will try my best to incorporate this in my every day work and at home – very enlightening experience.
C.Y., QE Engineer, Aerospace Industry
Excellent course! Mirella has outstanding knowledge, and great abilities in clarifying as well as keeping the participants focused on objective.
J.G., Manager, Aerospace Industry
Great hands-on course! I look forward to putting into practice with my team!
R.M., Manager, Aerospace Industry
This course provided real life knowledge/methodology to help in my career and personal life. Really great course.
D.K., Project Lead, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program. Many “tools” that were comprehensive and I felt very comfortable in putting these in practice. Mirella is an excellent facilitator. She really knows how to bring the subject to reality.
M.S., Program Manager, Aerospace Industry
Très bon programme! Mirella a donné des exemples concrets et a pris le temps d’expliquer les réactions humaines. Ce cours m’a permis de prendre le temps de réfléchir sur ma manière de communiquer lors de discussions stratégiques.
P.S., Chargé de projet - automatisation, Aerospace Industry
Très bonne formation! Les applications dans mon travail sont immédiates.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
Bon contenu, exemples claires et beaucoup de mise en situations afin de mettre en pratique les concepts. Mirella est extrêmement compétente, favorise la discussion, disponible et ajoute du contenu et partage ses expériences. Le rythme était bon, le contenu aussi. Beaucoup de place pour la pratique; ce qui est essentiel dans ce contexte.
S.M., Directeur – fabrication et services, Aerospace Industry
Excellent court! Très bien rodé! Bon mélange de théorie, exercices, exemples, vidéos, etc. À moi maintenent d’en faire bon usage!
C.T., Ingénieure, Aerospace Industry
Mirella maitrise très bien le contenu; propose des exemples de plusieurs manières différentes- autant ce qui doit être fait que ce qui doit être évité. Beaucoup de simulation facilite l’assimilation de la matière. Le contenu et les outils seront très utiles dans beaucoup de situations de la vie courante autant au travail comme dans la vie personnelle.
J.B., Ingénieur – Qualité Sm, Aerospace Industry
Great content and pace. Really loved Mirella as a facilitator! Great examples and videos!
S.P., Head of CNS, Pharmaceutical Industry
Wow!! Le meilleur atelier de formation auquel j’ai participé depuis que je suis gérant des ventes. Merci pour le partage du savoir des deux jours. Je vais assurément grandir à titre de gérant au courant des prochaines semaines et prochains mois. Le rythme et le contenu de cette passionnante formation me permettront d’avoir un impact certain auprès de mon équipe de représentants.
A.W., Gérant des ventes, Pharmaceutique
Very logical course! This course will make my life easier as a manager. It will help my team feel ownership over their territories and the decisions that they make.
Participant, Pharmaceutical Industry
Would have loved more time, but appreciated everything you helped me with. This was the best training on coaching I’ve attended.
K.N., National Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry
Programme très interactif. Très bon programme pour un leader de groupe et gestionnaire. Mirella a une très bonne connaissance du sujet et est très dynamique. Cours très bien structuré qui est bien adapté au groupe.
F.V., Group Leader, Aerospace Industry
Excellent programme! Mirella est une excellente animatrice.
C.S., Gestionnaire, Aerospace Industry
The materials and exercises vs theory time was perfect. We had a great group and everyone was enthusiastic and had much too add; discussions were appreciated. Mirella is obviously well versed in the subject and was great at explaining and put real-life examples in front of us. Her attitude, smile and behavior were most welcomed and appreciated!
W.P., Product Manager, Aerospace Industry
Programme très intéressant. Le déroulement était parfait. Pas une seconde j’ai vu le temps passé. Avoir des vidéos, c’est intéressant et stimule l’attention. Je vais recommander ce cours à tous mes collègues, et amis.
A.P., Quality Leader Program, Aerospace Industry
High level quality course! Great interactions between all of the participants in the class, and Mirella. Good exercises, very nice tips and great content. Excellent connection between theory and practice. Very dynamic experience!
J.C., Program Manager, Aerospace Industry
Le programme était excellent! Tout est parfait! Beaucoup d'exercices pratiques qui forcent l'implication et favorisent l'apprentissage. Je recommande ce cours à tout gestionnaire!
A.D., EHS Leader, Aerospace Industry
Ce cours me permettra de mieux responsabiliser les gens. Les différents aspects du cours pourront être appliqués autant au travail que dans ma vie personnelle et familiale. Mirella avait une très belle façon de communiquer, a présenté des exemples pertinents et écoute bien les participants.
Y.C., Coordonnateur, Aerospace Industry
La session était très intéressante. Plusieurs outils à notre disposition et les participants étaient dynamiques et intéressants! Mirella a une très grande maîtrise des notions. Les exemples et exercices pratiques ont été très utiles pour nous faire comprendre la méthode. Cette formation était un succès!
L.L., Analyste financière senior, Aerospace Industry
Très bon cours. Un très bon équilibre entre la théorie et la pratique. Un cours très amusant, intéressant et stimulant!
Participant, Sr. Analyst Finance, Aerospace Industry
Great program! Mirella was very professional, approachable and encouraged a great learning experience. The mix of theory, video and practice was great! The interaction with the classmates encouraged great practice opportunities. The examples brought by the participants made for a great learning experience.
H.A., Customer Service Manager, Aerospace Industry
The course itself wa a "AH" moment! Can't think of anyone who could teach it better! Miella was great! Everything was perfect!
Participant, Aerospace Industry
Le cours était très clair avec divers outils pour comprendre. Mirella connaît très bien sa matière. Elle était claire, ouverte et souriante. Le cours m'a permis de sortir de ma zone de confort. Débutant ma carrière, je considère le cours comme très intéressant!
Participant, Support/Conseils ESS, Aerospace Industry
Very interesting course outline. Mirella was engaging and organized. She made the class interesting and esy to follow. The content was interesting and the exercises were able to engage all the participants.
S.D., Project Manager, Aerospace Industry
Programme est excellent! Méthode de coaching claire qui mérite d'être appliquée dans les différentes sphères de la vie. Les concepts ont été expliqués de façon claire et les explications ont été adaptées en fonction de l'audience. Très bonne expérience dans l'ensemble. Bonne dynamique de groupe. Les exercices ont facilité les échanges et ont permis aux gens d'être à l'aise et de mieux se connaître.
A.P., Conseillère, RH, Aerospace Industry
Très bon programme réparti sur 2 jours. Bon équilibre théorie-pratique et usage d'outils d'apprentissage variés. Mirella était excellent! Elle connaît très bien son sujet et est capable de mettre les participants à l'aise!
Participant, Aerospace Industry
Ce cours va être très utile pour mon travail! Ça va surement augmenter mon efficacité! Mirella était très motivée et professionnelle; elle a donné beaucoup d'exemples! Ce cours devrait être offert à tous les niveaux de gestionnaires.
M.B., Engineer, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program! Good balance between theory and practice. Will certainly be useful in my job.
J.B-T., Engineering Design Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellent programme! Très intéressant et nous amène à penser et réfléchir. S'applique à tous les types de personnes, professionnels ou le travail. Mirella était très dynamique, motivante et domine très bien le sujet. Une des meilleures facilitatrices que je n'ai jamais vue! Tout était parfait; bien équilibré- tant la pratique, la théorie que les questions.
C.B., Spécialiste environnement, Aerospace Industry
Le contenu du cours est vraiment applicable au quotidien dans mon travail… Il a une belle valeur ajoutée! Mirella maîtrise parfaitement bien la matière. Elle est dynamique, intéressante, sait stimuler et conserver notre attention tout au long de la journée.
D.L., Conseillère ESS, Aerospace Industry
Very logical program, and easy to understand. Powerful tools easy to apply on a day-to-day basis. Meets all basic understanding needs to immediately have a leadership impact. Mirella is a very good, grounded, and practical teacher. At the service of the participants! Everything was wonderful!
E.M., Corporate EHS Manager, Aerospace Industry
Formation très bien faite! Bonnes interventions! Offre des outils simples et efficaces!
N.P., EH.S. Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellent cours! Excellente animation de la part de Mirella! La fluidité de la session permet une réelle progression de nos habiletés en coaching. Ce cours va m'outiller afin de mieux accomplir mon travail. A must have!
M.G., Conseiller, Environnement, Santé & Sécurité, Aerospace Industry
Très bon concept pour nous permettre d'améliorer nos habiletés de mentorat/coaching. Mirella maîtrise très bien la matière et est très ouverte à nos questions. Les exercices de pratique pour les scénarios ont été très bénéfiques! Merci!
M.B., Leader, Aerospace Industry
Excellente formation qui nous fait grandir dans nos compétences!
Participant, Aerospace Industry
Very good program. Many exercises that gave the chance to practice the theory. Mirella is a very good facilitator; provided good feed. The course flow and speed was perfect. The program was well-balanced, beteen practice and theory. I will use it at home and at work.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
The program is excellent! It stimulates the mind to think differently, and creates new synaptic connections. Many "AHA" moments! Mirella was great, positive and well versed in the topic. It certainly changed my mindset on how to move forward.
I.B., Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellent course that offers toolkit to get coaching, give coaching while being an effective manager who gets things done!
R.I., Global Strategist, Aerospace Industry
Excellent structure! Good mix of theory and practice. Mirella is an excellent facilitator with useful knowledge and experience. She got everyone involved and engaged. The content was clear and concise. The flow was fluid and the course was overall very interactive and engaging. Mirella was passionate and really got the essence and purpose of the course across. Thank you! It was very eye-opening, and I am excited to put into practice!
M.M., Communications Team Leader, Aerospace Industry
Very good content; I was surprised by how much information I learned and how I will be capable of applying it on my day to day work, and personal. Excellent course!
K.L., ECN Manager, Aerospace Industry
Very good training. Wish I had it sooner. I will definitely recommend it to my peers. Powerful model to ensure coachees achieve their potential, as well as enables managers to free themselves of the problem solving mindset.
D.D., Project Engineer, Aerospace Industry
One of the best courses I have had in my career! I loved the learning by practice. Mirella is an excellent facilitator. She was very clear, and explicative. She provided great examples that we can relate to. Very comprehensive training; well supported by examples and practice sessions. The flow was very good and I didn’t feel rushed.
P.B., Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program! I really appreciated the exercises to help in developing my skills around this model.
C.R., Team Lead, Aerospace Industry
Very happy about what I’ve learned and the path that was taken to get there; has incited curiosity on many new topics. Mirella is very competent and provided a good balance of real-life examples/situations and theory.
F.R., Manager, Aerospace Industry
Very good rhythm; good sequence of theory vs demonstration. Mirella is an excellent facilitator; very well in control. She knows what she is talking about and has the experience to back it up. Thank you!
G.L., Strategic Cost Project Lead, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program! Mirella has great knowledge; given appropriate feedback. Very entertaining program. Very pleasant to participate, with current scenarios within organisation. Overall, great balance of teamwork.
D.D., Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellente formation! Je suggère que ce cours soit donné aux nouveaux gestionnaires et aux employés en voie de devenir gestionnaire!
Participant, Aerospace Industry
This program is excellent and well adapted to our day to day challenges to help us be a better manager. Mirella knew how to respond to all of our questions and was able to make everybody understand the technics of being a good coach.
J.C., Manufacturing Eng. Manager, Aerospace Industry
The course was excellent. This material is a must for all managers. Mirella was excellent; she had a very positive energy and encouraged people to participate. I loved this course. I think I was doing many of these steps but could not qualify them and organize them in logical steps. This course did exactly that for me!
G.S., Logistics Manager, Aerospace Industry
Excellent session. It put a structure to notions that were previously learnt and brought many new elements.
N.M., Manager Logistics Engine Center, Aerospace Industry
It was an excellent course. I have been a manager for only one year and I learned so much on me, my boss, and my employees during those 2 days. I wish we could keep practicing, but I know I just have to get out there and do it!
C.L., Supervisor, Aerospace Industry
This is one of the best courses I had over my 25 years or career. This should be the first course that people take when they access a manager role. Mirella is a fantastic teacher. She possesses and masters the information!
A.B., Senior Manager – Development Engineering, Aerospace Industry
Program was excellent! It is designed for results, easy to understand, real world applicability. Mirella was very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Offers real world workable solutions for day to day challenges to make your job easier.
A.R., Repair OPS Manager, Aerospace Industry, China
Good program to help us shift from just managing people to developing the team’s capabilities. The exercises that Mirella did with us were a very good way to help us learn to use the skills. She is also very experienced in this area and was able to well answer our questions. The program overall is very beneficial to develop coaching skills. Mirella used a good combination of materials, examples, and exercises to help us understand the concepts and learn to use the methodologies and techniques.
K.L., Senior Manager – Strategy & Development, Aerospace Industry, China
Great course! It enabled me to realize I have great potential as a coach and learned what coaching really is all about. Mirella was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, and provided an engaging course that was fun and informative.
F.M., Operations Program Engineer, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program that gives a new perspective on problem resolution. Mirella is a very efficient and lively facilitator.
G.P., SAP IT Tech. Support, Aerospace Industry
The program was great! There is a good balance between practice, and theory. Very good interaction between Mirella and all the participants.
C.P., IT Manager, Aerospace Industry
Completely outstanding! All my management team needs to go through this course. Should be mandatory for all managers! I was blown away by Mirella; WOW! It was simply amazing!
P.P., Senior Development Manager, Aerospace Industry
Great program that gave me some awareness on a lot of areas such as listening, and asking questions. Mirella gave great examples, opened my eyes on a lot of different ways to face all situations. The content, the exercises and the feedback provided by the participants were very helpful. Allowed me to see multiple ways to assess and provide feedback.
M.P., Co-Lead CRM, Aerospace Industry
Best training ever; I will apply in my manager role. Good tips that can be applied daily!
M.P., Advanced Procurement Manager, Aerospace Industry
The program was excellent! Eh coaching model will be a great tool to use with my team. Mirella made the course interesting and relevant. She easily managed an “enthusiastic” group of participants. Good balance of theory and practice. Putting the learning to immediate use helped re-inforce the material. I look forward to applying the coaching, and feedback models.
S.N., Senior IT Manager, Aerospace
The program offered clear training content, with key element cards. Mirella was very professional; very good communication with all the participants.
T.B., Manager, Aerospace Industry, China
Mirella is an excellent facilitator! The program was great! The scenarios were very helpful to understand the course; especially to clarify managing, mentoring, coaching, and the methodology. I really liked and enjoyed the exercises Mirella demonstrated.
J.S., Group Leader, Aerospace Industry, China
The program is well-structured and adaptable. Mirella quickly adapted to the group’s dynamic and was able to put everyone at ease. The material and framework were adequate, and Mirella was amongst one of the best I encountered. It will help me in my interactions with my team, colleagues, and supervisors.
A.C., IT International Trade Compliance Manager, Aerospace
Le programme est excellent. Mirella est une excellente animatrice! La session sur le coaching m’a permis d’augmenter mes connaissances mais surtout d’apprendre à les appliquer dans un atmosphère agréable et avec des ateliers très constructifs. .
B.H., IT Supervisor, Aerospace
Excellent course which provides a structured approach to provide coaching and help make a clear difference between coaching and managing roles. Mirella is a great facilitator. She knows how to create an atmosphere where people are comfortable to contribute. The material and exercises are excellent and greatly help to initiate the participants to the concepts. Mirella adapts the content to the team as they course progresses.
R.C., IT Infrastructure Director, Aerospace
I liked the program. It explores an area I hadn’t realized before: problem solving style makes me work alone and not inspire my team members to grow up and achieve team success. I especially liked the exercises throughout the entire session.
Z.K., Procurement Manager, Aerospace Industry, China
Program was excellent! Great methodology to help people unleash their potential and bring out the best of them. This is the tool that one can learn and use. Mirella is the best facilitator; giving clear points, engaging us to think, enabling us to use the tool through practice and encourage us to take action.
G.X., Communications Director, Aerospace Industry, China
Program was excellent! Mirella is an excellent instructor. She engaged the team, was clear in her teaching style, positive, and provided many insights. Many thanks!
Participant, Aerospace
Bon cours; très utile. Me servira certainement dans mon travail. Mirella est une bonne animatrice. Bonne présentation, message clair et bon rythme.
Participant, Manager IT, Aerospace
Program is very useful! Will definitely apply it at work and at home! Thank you!
M.M., IT Manager, Aerospace
Great program! Mirella was very encouraging and illuminating; created a very favorable learning atmosphere. The video to illustrate the methodology was great, and the role-play was good for practice.
M.Z., Senior HR Manage, Aerospace Industry, China
Overall, this program is well-designed. It makes “soft skills” become visible and practicable!
D.L., Quality Manager, Aerospace Industry, China
The content is powerful and leaves you with a workable model that you can use starting immediately. Mirella had an excellent grasp of the content and had a very good connection with all participants. The material is very good.
Participant, IT Manager, Aerospace
Great tools! I enjoyed all the exercises we did. Mirella had great experience; and is a great communicator. I like the fact that there was not a lot of material to cover, and that we practiced several time the method.
C.B., Manager, Aerospace
C’est un excellent cours!. Mirella connaît très bien son sujet et le vend très bien, même au plus sceptique!
JF.D., Team Lead Finance Operation, Aerospace
Excellent programme! Le coaching est un outil que tout gestionnaire devrait connaître!
S.C., Escape Management Leader, Aerospace
Matériel concis et clair; les petits cartons sont d’excellents outils de « refresh memory » afin d’utiliser la méthode au jour le jour. Mirella a une approche très humaine, nous fais sentir rapidement à l’aise; ce qui inspire à partager des expériences personnelles. Bon équilibre entre la théorie et les expériences pratiques.
D.M., Manager Chemical Technology, Aerospace
Very inspiring and informative program. Mirella was excellent; a real expert! She knows what she is teaching, and keeps to participants’ attention all the time. She delivers her message in a very intensive way; and provides very useful cases and information.
Participant, Finance, Aerospace Industry, China
This is a very good training. After this course, I will learn to practice, not only at work, but also in life: It is a very useful and powerful tool.
L.W., Aerospace Industry, China
Very fun and interesting course. Would love to see this expanded to other aspects of leadership.
M.W., Strategic Cost Lead, Aerospace
Excellent program! Mirella is a very good coach that teaches a dynamic way the information.
S.W., Engineering, Aerospace
Excellent program that opens the eyes on a complete different way to help people. Mirella keeps the course interesting and alive! Practice, practice, practice! This course is an absolute! Fast-paced, fully loaded, and well-balanced course. There is no way I can avoid using this, it is so obvious and natural!
F.C., Manager, Aerospace
Very thought provoking course. Great positive interactions between all participants.
M.D., Group Lead, Aerospace
Very good tool that I will be able to use both at work and at home. Mirella is the best facilitator I ever had in any course I took. Very good course I will recommend to my colleagues. I think I am a better person after having participating in that course.
Participant, Aerospace
A complete eye opener for me; we do not realize the power of it. I listen to the essence of coaching as power to grow in the organization. Mirella was very knowledgeable, professional, communicative, and able to translate improvement to different corporate cultures.
J.C., Customer Support Manager, Aerospace
Program will be so useful in all aspects of my life, including work! Mirella was incredible! The clarity of her explanations and respect for people was incredible! I believe the course is well set; material was clear and not overloaded.
F.G., Supervisor, Aerospace
Excellent course to get one’s point across in a changing organisation. Excellent examples and role playing that allows team to practice the lessons.
K.B., Program Manager, Aerospace
Excellent course! Mirella is a great facilitator! Excellent mix between theory and practice.
K.F., Group Leader, Aerospace
Great course! Will certainly help for now and the future! Thank you!
A.D., Sourcing Manager, Aerospace
Highly recommended program! Mirella was very knowledgeable, fun, and insightful!
V.M., Account Manager, Aerospace
Very informative program!
I.W., Program Manager, Aerospace
Program is full of valuable info you can apply to your work and personal life. Mirella was warm, funny, and engaging. The content is excellent and the exercises help you apply the theory to real-life experiences.
C.R., HR Coordinator, Aerospace Industry
Outstanding program! I should have taken a class like this years ago! Kim was excellent! Although it was a new program for her; she still did a great job! She did a fantastic job at keeping me engaged all day on a Saturday! I will use the skills that she helped me with for years… Greatly appreciated!
T.J. Operations Director, USA
This was an incredible and invaluable experience. I feel as though I am leaving with the tools and guidance to be a more effective leader, and look forward to some coaching conversations. Kim was excellent! She has a special gift for delivering an idea or challenge that is not only intuitive but clear and concise. She is an incredible coach and mentor! I loved the workbook, and the flow of the material.
L.N., Vice President, USA
I have been confusing mentoring and coaching all my life; just for that, it was worth it! Mirella had a great sense of humor, and adapted her material to our group. Very engaging! I had not heard feedback from anyone who had taken the course before and, therefore, did not have set expectations. It was two days well spent; I will practice the technique and share it with my colleagues.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
J’ai adoré la balance entre la théorie et la pratique. Mirella était une excellente animatrice; très claire, dynamique, connaissante, et nous mettait à l’aise rapidement. Hope I’ll be able to be good at this at some point.
Participant, Aviation
Excellent training course that provides you the proper coaching tools and combines it with reality. Mirella was excellent! Also great content flow. I would have liked spending more time on the feedback model.
M.S., Supply Chain Manager, Aerospace Industry
I’ve learned a lot! It will help me in my job for sure. There are traps that I will now avoid. Mirella was excellent! Lots of experience and it shows throughout the examples she gave. She knows her subject very well, and is very dynamic. Content is good; however, suggest you ask participants to come prepared with 3 or 4 different problems they would like to be coached on.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
Program was great; very good opportunity to share each other’s experience. Mirella gave good examples, and had lots of energy! The quantity of material is well aligned with the course duration, and we had enough time to practice and share.
M.B., Development Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry
Program was excellent. Mirella was great! I found that the program had a very efficient mix of theory, principles, tools, examples and practice. Mirella was very adaptive as she was able to bring every situation back to the model taught, even when the situations appeared very difficult or exceptional.
L.D. Module Manager in Productivity, Aerospace Industry
This program is a great source of information, and a very powerful and positive tool. Mirella is a great facilitator; she is truly engaging! The tools provided during this training program will support and develop my coaching abilities. This makes for a happier and more satisfying work environment. Looking forward to implementing at all levels!
J.D., Divisional Manager, Aerospace Industry
Good and simple ways and principles, lots of practice which is necessary to go back at work and comfortably start applying the “process”. Excellent course! Mirella masters her topics, knows good examples, engages participants, makes us comfortable and provides direct and useful feedback. Everything was perfect! Good pace, good balance, and enjoyable learning.
M.P., Engineering Program Lead, Aerospace Industry
Program was excellent. Mirella was great! Good balance between practice and techniques. Very good experience, will definitely be using during my job. Great material; appreciate the provided guide. Recommend this course to all executives/managers.
C.H., Automation Engineer, Aerospace Industry
Program was excellent! Very good balance between theory and practice. Role play really helped put in practice learning. Mirella provided excellent and constructive feedback during the role playing. She was very well prepared and knowledgeable.
O.L., Manager Development Engineering, Aerospace Industry
Very practical program; easy to apply. Will change the way I lead, coach and manage. Mirella was able to keep all the group on the edge or their seats! Very good program and very good group. Everyone was on the same level so we could share good examples and understand the principles.
S.T., Business Unit Manager, Aerospace Industry
Bon programme. Très utile et concis. Mes attentes étaient moyennes car je pensais que cela serait trop théorique mais ce fut le contraire. Mirella est une très bonne animatrice; ferme et précise. J’ai aimé le fait d’être forcé de mettre en pratique les notions apprises.
Participant, Aviation
The program was excellent! It was great that we were able to practice. Mirella is an excellent facilitator. It was great to be challenged by her!
F.M., Director, Maintenance, Aerospace Industry
The program was great; not overloaded. Great pace and good balance between theory and exercises. Mirella was excellent! I am a little in love. If I was younger, I would say "I would like to be like Mirella when I grow up." Absolutely professional!
Participant, HR Business Partner, Aerospace Industry, Poland
The program was excellent. Mirella was energetic, honest and I completely enjoyed the 2 days. The most important part of the session from my perspective was that it facilitated the participant’s ability to gain insight into the situation they deal with on a daily basis. I think it will allow the managers to step back and share the load with their team. The team and the manager will benefit greatly.
G.R., Vice-President, Loyalty
For me, a it was a very enriching experience. Mirella was very knowledgeable, with strong learning approach. All managers would gain to go through the program. Practical tools.
S.C., HR Manager, Aerospace Industry
Very good program. Mirella is a fantastic facilitator; very astute and builds and fosters safe environment for sharing. I would have liked one on one tailored sessions as a follow-up; which would permit me to address my areas for improvement and continue to see implementation opportunities.
Participant, Pharmaceutical Industry
The program is very good, in my opinion too short for me. I would have have liked an access to e-tool where you can practice more the knowledge.
K.B., Quality Director, Aerospace Industry, Poland
I really enjoyed the program; it was very insightful and the tools that were provided were clear to understand and follow. The videos in the presentation were very helpful to see how coaching takes place in the workplace. The exercises were fun and productive. Mirella was outstanding, very knowledgeable and creative. I was blown away by the way the meeting was conducted. It was a fun experience.
A.Y., SVP Sales, Apparel Industry
Very practical model to follow. Mirella was very engaging and did great illustrations or each point. Overall, I thought it was great. I think it’s good to challenge our thinking and be focused on developing our people, and what our responsibility is in this.
B.H., VP Strategy/Analytics, Loyalty
It was only a two-day training but developed my skills a lot more that I expected. Mirella had great contact with the group; she builds trust. She has also great experience and knowledge. Everything was just excellent! Thank you!
J.K-H., Aerospace Industry, Poland
I liked the methodology; the way of training. Very good materials. Mirella was experienced, engaging, and professional. The best training I have ever participated in.
B.P., Program Manager, Aerospace Industry, Poland
Le programme en soit est très axé sur la pratique. L'animatrice connait bien la matière, est très interactive. Plus facile si nous sommes un petit groupe, possibilité de plus d'interactions.
M.B., Superviseur Production, Aviation
I found the program to be practical and useful for real life situations. I also found it to be an excellent concept for becoming a coach versus a director.
S.C., SVP, Finance, Apparel Industry
Very good session.
J.R., Director, Aerospace Industry, Poland
The program has very valuable content and should really be delivered to additional levels of the organization. Excellent and clear delivery; Mirella models the ideal behaviours and clearly articulates the fundamental principles underlying the material. The content was very good. If we had additional time role playing difficult coaching conversations would be beneficial.
M.S., VP New Product Development, Loyalty
I loved the training. It is well presented (Q-A cards) and there was a lot of coaching scenarios. I think it is "genius" to provide employees with materials to play with, it helps us think and focus. Mirella is amazing. She is positive and passionate.
E.J-L., HR Acquisition Center, Aerospace Industry
It is an amazing eye opener that will enable me and my team to grow as leaders. The program has added another level of awareness to my capabilities, and I look forward to implementing my learnings on a day to day basis. Mirella spoke in a way that makes you understand and gives you clarity and understanding on how to develop your coaching skills. Truly amazing!
N.B., Director of merchandising, Aerospace Industry
The program was excellent. Mirella is very trusting, personable and fun. Fantastic content – practical skills that will help me become a more effective leader.
S.L., VP Retail & Client Service, Loyalty
Very insightful. Good rhythm to the class. Never a dull moment. Mirella was very dynamic. She kept us focused and always brought out the positive in everyone. The flow was well thought out. I especially appreciated the multiple exercises. Although difficult, they definitely increased my level of confidence.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
It truly opened my mind on how little I listened and let people make their own decisions. Exercises were great. It showed how much you could get you to listen and ask questions. Mirella was amazing. Throughout all of this, she coached me by giving me the necessary tools.
D.P., Sourcing Director, Aerospace Industry
It’s an excellent tool. Mirella was simply wonderful. When we start this class, we think the tool we are using is already pretty good, but after a short period of 2 days, we realise that there was so much more…
H.P., HR Consultant, Aerospace Industry
This was an amazing course. I learned so much in 2 days that I will use in my everyday life! Mirella was amazing! She kept us engaged the whole time and allowed us to see we were capable of being coaches!
D. S.R., HR Coordinator, Aerospace Industry
The program was excellent! A 3rd day should be considered. Mirella was professional, cordial and credible. She was excellent! Core principals were covered very well.
Participant, Business Development, Loyalty
Excellent program. Mirella made it so easy to navigate through tough coaching situations. It really empowered me. The quick videos were excellent and very insightful.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
It was an excellent program. I learned so much about myself and I see such a difference from day 1 to day 2. Mirella is one of the best facilitators I have ever had. She made the program fun, interactive, easy to understand and the opportunity to practice! It was a great experience!
S.C., HR Counselor, Aerospace Industry
The program is very interesting and highly helpful. Mirella was excellent!
J.L., HR Compensation Specialist, Aerospace Industry
Great program! Mirella gave pertinent examples of how this can be applied to everyday situations. I would highly recommend this program to others. Helps build confidence when dealing with manager/employee situations.
A.D., HR Supervisor, Aerospace Industry
Very good and balanced agenda; well-structured program. Easy to remember the best practices, good combination of content vs. exercises. Mirella was very knowledgeable, provided real life examples, and was great at role playing. Great experience! I feel I can take back what I’ve learned and start applying it as soon as I’m back at work. Very relevant!
Participant, Loyalty
Très bonne approche, calme et posée. J’ai beaucoup aimé le programme. Beaucoup d’exercices pour nous permettre de pratiquer les notions. Je recommande cette formation.
I.R., Directrice des Ressources humaines, Aviation
Thank you for the excellent insights! The exercises were revealing through the use of real life examples; not just role play.
Participant, Aerospace Industry
In a short period of time, we got the tools and settings to coach with efficiency. Mirella knows the program very well, has experience, uses techniques and ways of tracking, and she knows how to keep attention and focus. Material clear, well organized, easy to understand. Thanks for the wonderful course!
A.G., Infirmière, Aviation
Bon exercices! Bravo! Toutes les interventions aidaient à comprendre.
P.N., Infirmière, Aviation
Mirella was amazing. What a brilliant person. She kept my attention during 2 days, what an exploit!
M.L. P., Conseillère en Ressources humaines, Aviation
Exemples très concrets et spécifiques. L’animatrice a su s’adapter à notre type de travail et nous a aussi aidé à nous connaître.
M.L., Infirmière, Aviation
This was an excellent program. Very engaging. I liked the role playing and making it very real and appropriate. This is the 3rd time I have been engaged with Mirella, and have found her to be an amazing person to bring out the qualities (good ones) in people and make great progression moving people forward. Great progression of events. I would like to have more role playing, and although it is difficult to do, I think to be very productive this could have easily have been a one week session to get the most out of it.
S.C., VP Rewards, Loyalty
Wow! Ce fut une excellente formation. Tout le matériel, les exercices et une animatrice excellente!!
V.A., Conseillère en Ressources humaines, Aviation
A perfect course! I started the course at a beginner level. After the course, I feel more confident in my coaching abilities. I learned great techniques and concepts. I think that all managers, or anyone in a project coordinator role, would benefit from these teachings. Life Changing (as OPRAH would say)!
J.B., Webmaster Human Resources department, Aerospace Industry
The program was excellent. The live exercises are the most effective. Small groups allow for confidence building. I also appreciated the “confidential” nature of how conversations tool place over the 2 days.
A.M., VP Financial Services, Loyalty
Contenu bien présenté, clair et efficace. Facilitateur connaît son contenu et donne des exemples appropriés. Elle sait garder l’attention de son auditoire. Excellent cours!
A.B., Ressources humaines, Aviation
Great course; learned a lot on coaching. Let the coachee do the talking. Material is great!
P.M., Senior Analyst, Aerospace Industry
Excellent program! Very insightful and thought provoking! I wish it had been offered to me years ago! Would have like more opportunities to see Mirella coach a coachee.
S.M., VP Rewards Operations, Loyalty
This program is wonderful in terms of learning coaching techniques but as well in learning about ourselves! Mirella was very patient and engaging. Everything was great, really! This is absolutely a training I would recommend to anyone!
K.M., HR Coordinator, Aerospace Industry
This course really provides the tools to unlock in the other person the capacity to navigate & develop our coaching skills. Start point; the coach’s pure intention. Mirella; thumbs up!!
C.M., Strategic Project Manager, Aerospace Industry
Great balance between theory and practice. Working on real case scenarios was very helpful. The cards are also good tools to keep handy. I very much enjoyed this program.
E.B., HR Director, Aerospace Industry
Contenu très clair. Approche très efficace. Le ‘role play’ aide énormément à l’apprentissage. La formatrice était très intéressante, elle donnait des exemples concrets et sa façon d’expliquer la matière était claire et efficace. Je recommande le programme à tous. Concept très bénéfique et formatrice exceptionnelle!
N.B., Spécialiste Ressources humaines, Aviation
Content is excellent and easy to understand! Amazing program! Je me sens beaucoup mieux équippée pour coacher mon équipe. Great mix of learning and practice! Really enjoyed the team: coach/coachee/observer!
A.B., Compensation & Payroll Manager, Aerospace Industry