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Lorsque j’ai été nommé à un poste exécutif siégeant au comité de direction, j’ai eu la chance d’avoir Mirella pour aider à faire la transition vers ce poste. Son accompagnement m’a permis de faire cette transition avec un très grand succès. Sa grande écoute, son approche et son expertise ont fait toute la différence dans l’atteinte de ce nouveau sommet pour moi.
I have had the great pleasure of working with Mirella who has been my coach for the last 2 years.
In my long career, I was exposed to various firms/coaches; none of them of the caliber of Mirella and her team.
The approach is professional, direct, with a clear framework. Mirella really coaches... not just principles: she provides direction, she doesn't sugar coat ... I have grown as a leader and as an individual.
Best experience of my career!
Senior Vice-President Customer Service - technology firm
Working with Mirella was a life changing experience. I would recommend her to any executive who feel stuck and not afraid to challenge some of his/her deeply rooted beliefs.
Executive, Consulting
Integrity could be Dr. De Civita’s middle name, while Creative and Productive could be her first and last names, respectively. You will get more than you expect from her...
Patricia Dobkin, Ph.D
Associate Professor
McGill University
I was very fortunate to meet Mirella through an interview process almost 10 years ago and was immediately taken by her sense of goodness, her impeccable professionalism, and her amazing insight. What sets her apart from the pack is her continued interest in your wellbeing and her genuine concern for your ongoing success. She has ended up playing an integral role in my professional career and has become an important guiding force for me. She is truly someone that makes a positive impact on everything that she does.
Jon Reider
Senior Executive, Consultant
Travailler avec Mirella, c'est accepter de bûcher
C'est accepter de se faire challenger
C'est accepter que tes questions, seulement toi peux les solutionner
C'est accepter que tout ne se fait pas dans l'instantanéité
C'est accepter que tu peux parfois te tromper
C'est accepter que tu peux et que tu dois progresser
C'est accepter de continuer
Fabrication - Distribution
The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre was very fortunate to have won a contest for nonprofit organizations and was 'gifted' with Katia Nelson and Mirella De Civita's expertise. Our organization through 'The Alignment Project' not only gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, but their guidance and support has strengthened our charity. It is clear that their expertise has helped to further solidify the team and strengthened our organizations goals and objectives. I would highly recommend Papillion MDC.
Debbie Magwood, M.Ed., OPQ
Founder, Executive Director
West Island Cancer Wellness Centre
Papillon MDC is unmatched when it comes to developing best-in-class programs. Mirella and her team's professionalism, combined with their wealth of experience, knowledge, insight and attention to detail have led to the development of a high quality mentoring program in our organization. In addition to developing programs that fit our culture, the professional coaching services are clearly making a difference and helping us develop our team and improve our bench strength. If you're looking for results and want to improve the development journey for your team, I would highly recommend Papillon MDC.
Lucie Martin
Corporate Director, Talent Management
Kruger Products L.P.
Mirella and Papillon MDC Inc. were instrumental in helping my executive team to bring our strategy to life, by aligning us on a charter of behavior and better understanding and working across each other’s communications styles. Her in-depth analysis of each executive’s profile combined with a robust leadership development toolkit, and constructive facilitation, allowed us to reach our full potential. And we had fun doing it!
Michael Zea
Former President & CEO
Aimia US Region
Although I have always been a big supporter of coaching programs, I was dubious of the effectiveness of coaching programs that were led by others who did not have deep expertise in the industry, leadership, etc. I was so happy that I took a chance to try Papillon MDC Inc. – besides driving my performance to other levels that were consistent with my style; I used Papillon MDC Inc. with other members of my executive team with results that were perceptible in the first months of the program. Mirella and her team ensured that everyone had the right kind of match – all professionals but the match was important to ensure the program would be as effective as possible. As further value, Mirella and her staff are dedicated to the sustainable growth of every individual - they put in countless extra hours after the coaching program is over to ensure you have continuity in owning your own path to be self-reliant.
C-Level Executive
Global Firm
Team development is as important as personal development in the success of a business. Mirella was instrumental in helping me and members of my team learn about ourselves and how best to work with different styles of leadership. She is insightful and deeply cares about human beings.
Edmée Métivier
Chef de la direction - Fondation des maladies du coeur du Québec
(Former Executive Vice President, Financing and Consulting - Business Development Bank of Canada)
Mirella is a rare talent. She combines business insight and corporate experience with a deep understanding of what it takes for leaders and teams to be successful, and then relentlessly supports them in the journey to get there.
Michael O’Sullivan
Former Chief Operating Officer
Aimia Canada
I had the pleasure to work with Mirella on a Leadership Initiative that our company launched over two years ago. It is rare to find an individual that can “deliver the goods” in precisely the way that she outlined from the very beginning of the process. She was able to keep our team focused on the big picture with a slow but steady approach. Most importantly, Mirella provided us with tools to continue building upon our initial success without her involvement.
Michael Eliesen
President & CEO
NTD Apparel Inc.
Through Mirella’s guidance, I was able to step back from the everyday fast pace schedule and reflect on my decisions, my way to deal with people and grow to be a more effective communicator and leader. I always look forward to our sessions (which I have missed since the ending of my coaching with her). Thank you !!!
VP, International Sourcing
It was my honor to meet Mirella when I underwent an individual psychometric assessment followed by a debrief with our CEO as a part of a standard induction process for incoming senior executives. The process was illuminating and highly productive in improving me as a leader and in fine tuning our executive team’s interaction. For our global company I found the virtual approach leveraging online testing and video teleconferencing to be an ideal answer to scheduling and time zone complexities while maintaining high quality interactions.

It should be noted that Mirella has an uncanny capacity to understand us and dissect from our essence what is and what is not working. Likewise, she is highly skillful and creative in suggesting approaches for improvement. I found it a truly unique approach vs the typical, popular teaming and coaching methods I’ve experience in past positions. It is always a pleasure to meet and work with someone like Mirella who is truly exceptional at what they do. For me it was has been a memorable experience which continues to yield benefits.
Frederick Sammet
Former Senior Vice President, CIO
Aimia US region
I met Mirella De Civita as part of an interview process with an international loyalty company. From the moment I received her introductory email outlining the prework that would fuel her assessment, I knew that I was working with a true expert. I was immediately energized to work with her.

Her process is unequalled in its thoroughness, combining an array of testing techniques with a thought-provoking Skype interview. Mirella’s tenacity to understand my rational and intuitive leadership skill sets was masterful. By the end of the interview process, I felt completely heard. But more importantly, I felt completely understood. I was confident that Mirella had the clarity she needed to determine if I was the fit for the job.

But what really surprised me was that I also felt that she was making sure that this company was the right fit for me as well. Ultimately, I did not get the job but I felt that this was the right decision for everyone involved. Mirella has continued to work with me to help me better understand what makes me tick and how to best market my personal brand.

Mirella is a shining example of a professional that has found her calling. Her passion to find the right person, for the right job, in the right company is #1 in her field. On a personal level, she has helped me to grow as a leader. I would highly recommend her unique expertise.
C-Level Executive
It was an absolute delight to work with Katia!

Katia was not only an excellent and professional facilitator, but a great listener and mediator. In retrospect, the training was enlightening in so many ways. I am grateful to have had a chance to participate in such program. I am now equipped with so many smart tools, I strongly believe this experience is a building block in my professional and personal life.
Apparel Industry
Our organization has come to depend heavily on the Papillon MDC team for executive selection, leadership coaching and team development. The high integrity of services, the humane and professional approach to support, and the keen understanding of our business challenges have delivered significant results as we invest in our people to lead and manage through ambitious growth of our company.
Melissa Sonberg
Former Senior Vice President, Global Brand, Communications and External Affairs
Having known Mirella for 6 years, having seen her coach Executives and having been coached professionally by her, I knew what to expect when I embarked on the “Purposeful Career Coaching” journey: an intuitive yet professionally trained coach with a Psychology background, able to understand people like no others, relentless in ensuring value and result with her coaching mandate, challenging clients to surpass themselves, not letting them ‘ride the wave’ … and doing all this while connecting at the core with the individuals.

I saw, once again, that Mirella stands on a league of her own – most professional, adaptable coach with powerful insights and ability to bring the client through a journey of her own to reach the desired destination (which will vary greatly from one person to the next). Her approach, her ability to listen to what is said – and what is left unsaid -, her amazing ability to ask just the right question at the right time so clients can draw their own conclusions, all make her an unmatched coach.

Mirella has been instrumental for me in my own personal journey leading to the foundation of my company. By her accurate insights and knowledge of people, she has helped provide greater clarity for myself and helped me move forward with my vision. Mirella has been a true partner and a side-by-side, unparalleled, invaluable coach.

Having been responsible in the past for coaching mandates worldwide, I can easily evaluate coaches; there’s no doubt in my mind that Mirella scores at the very top. I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend her for any of her services and am confident in her ability to make a true difference. Thank you Mirella!
Consulting Firm
J'ai eu l’opportunité de travailler avec Katia Nelson chez Papillon MDC Inc. qui a agi à titre de conseillère dans un contexte de changement professionnel personnel. J'ai grandement apprécié l'expérience, elle m'a été utile dans cette période de mouvance. Ça m'a donné le recul nécessaire afin de bien identifier mes objectifs de carrière et mes aspirations dans le cadre de mon travail.
Mirella’s approach is clear and straightforward. She is very thorough and very respectful at the same time. She is able to see the best in every person. My coaching with Mirella has been an extremely positive experience.
A business Professional
Mirella is a gift to people who are willing to be coached. She is sharp, rigorous and disciplined and extremely generous of her insights, experiences and advises. She brings Courage back in the game. Under her guidance, I was brought into a transformation journey that impacted my professional and personal life permanently and positively. The title of her book says it all… ‘The courage to fall into life’ is a testimony of her ability to push professionals and executives out of their comfortable nest into something much bigger.
Executive and General Manager
Aerospace and Transport Industry
I retained Mirella on a number of mandates and I offer an unconditional positive testimony. Mirella has the usual essential prerequisites of a professional expert at her level: impeccable education, schooling and a capacity to work in English and French. Time and time again, Mirella demonstrated deep humanity and profound values of which integrity and trust were the ones I appreciated the most. Further, she is always there for her client and literally only a phone call away. Mirella possesses amazing knowledge, has an extraordinary gift for listening to what is said and to silence; compounded by a keen eye for body language. Mirella acted as an effective and patient catalyst in helping me move on an exponential development curve: she was not only instrumental in me improving my executive results but also in me blossoming into a better human being. I recommend Mirella to executives who are committed to their personal developments and who are willing to engage on a journey of self development.
A past and future client
I have worked with Mirella directly as well as having her support members of my team. I always found her input to be insightful, engaging and action oriented.
David Johnston
Group Chief Operating Officer, London, UK
5 minutes after our first meeting, I already knew that Mirella was the type that would make significant differences in people's life. My instant judgment has been proven quite accurate over the last several years. She is not only an outstanding coach with extensive knowledge and solid expertise, but also one of the most decent individuals who genuinely care for people in life. She holds the highest ethical and professional standards in the quality service she provides. Her drive to bring the best in people, her integrity and strong values and her charming personality makes her a real gem in the coaching world. I thoroughly enjoy my professional interaction with her and greatly appreciate the value she has brought to Pratt & Whitney Canada.
Helen Peng, MBA
Former Manager, Learning and Development
Pratt & Whitney Canada
J’avais le choix dans le cadre de ma transition de carrière de travailler avec qui je voulais. Je connaissais Mirella puisque j’étais déjà une cliente corporative. L’approche unique de Mirella en matière de transition de carrière, sa profondeur comme coach et la qualité de ses interventions m’ont permis d’abord de faire le tri de mes acquis et ce sur quoi j’avais le goût de canaliser mes énergies, de travailler sur le caractère unique de mon offre et de redéfinir mon branding. Papillon MDC Inc. est réellement un moteur de réflexion et de transformation personnelle.
E. S.
I met Mirella during an assessment process. She is clearly an expert. Beyond her obvious technical capabilities, she is a pleasure to work with and is skilled in providing feedback and guidance that balances the theory with the practical – all wrapped up in a style that makes it a pleasure to receive.
Kevin O’Brien
Chief Commercial Officer, AIMIA Inc.
I had a chance to work with Mirella on different occasions. What struck me was the fact that there was nothing in common in those coaching mandates: different issues, different goals. I realized that Mirella’s effectiveness does not depend on a specific type of intervention. In each she was capable to go deep to the root cause of behaviours. The coachees were provided thoughtful questions to evolve their leadership to the next level. She does not only work on the "what to do" but also on the "why we act a certain way". This leads to long-lasting personal development.
Patrice Bernard
Senior Vice President, Financing & Consulting - Quebec
Business Development Bank of Canada
Mirella a travaillé avec nous pour l’élaboration et l’implantation stratégique d’un module de préparation et d’orientation de carrières pour notre population étudiante au MBA. Comprendre nos besoins spécifiques, saisir les enjeux, élaborer un module innovateur, présenter étaient des défis de taille que Mirella a su composer avec succès. Une approche très professionnelle et humaine, une excellente capacité d’écoute tout en étant d’une grande adaptabilité sont des attributs qui caractérisent Mirella. Je vous la réfère sans hésitation.
Marie-José Beaudin
Directrice Exécutive, Faculté Desautels, Université McGill
Mirella is able to sift through a rich amount of psychometric data and interview material to quickly provide insights that allow new employees become effective (and happy) in their new work environments. She performs this feat with a light touch and in a caring way. A rare gem of a person. Thank you Mirella.
Executive, AIMIA Inc.
Mirella is a consummate professional. She provided accurate, insightful and meaningful reports and debriefs to me about our senior management team. Perhaps the greatest testament to her abilities is when I was searching to find coaching for Execaire, the senior management team strongly recommended that we hire Mirella.
Alistair Price
Director of Human Resources
Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group
I have met Mirella twice, both through Skype meeting, as part of an assessment process. While apprehensive at first, within minutes after our first meeting, Mirella immediately put me at ease, instilled trust and respect, and I found myself fully engaged throughout the interview process. I find Mirella very professional, and a true expert. Her delivery is always clear, flawless and impactful.

I was particularly impressed with her coaching skills at the second session, where she did a full and accurate debrief of my strengths and weaknesses. Mirella offered great insights, learning and valuable practical advice, which I will always value as part of my continuous learning and development. Thank you, Mirella.
Former VP, Finance, Singapore
Loyalty Company
Mirella was a collaborator on several projects, including work funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Initiative for Improved Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis. She helped formulate the methods for surveys and focus group discussions, as well as expertly moderating both focus groups and a very important ‘Café Scientifique’ funded by the CIHR. In my grant applications, she has provided important input to ensure sound design in qualitative research methods, and creativity in knowledge transfer. Mirella was a critical player in the success of our implementation of some initiatives to improve service delivery in rheumatology at the McGill University Health Centre. Moreover, she is an excellent writer, both as primary author and co-author of scientific abstracts and publications.
Sasha Bernatsky, MD PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Clinical Epidemiology
Dès ma première rencontre avec Mirella, j'ai su qu'elle pourrait m'aider dans ma démarche de coaching. Elle a le don de rendre les gens à l'aise et parvient de façon subtile à déceler leurs lacunes et les aider à les corriger. Son expérience et sa grande connaissance du marché du travail lui permettent de s'adapter à toutes situations et de se mettre dans la peau des gens afin de les aider à trouver leurs propres solutions. Merci Mirella, tu m'as beaucoup aidé à devenir un meilleur leader.
Directeur principal, Ressources humaines, Aviation & Aérospatial
Mirella is truly outstanding at what she does, she has a way of instilling confidence while providing an honest and professional guidance at a time when it is needed most !!
Bruce Good
Executive Director - The Conference Board of Canada
(Former General Manager of IMS Health)
I have known Dr. Mirella De Civita for over 15 years. She completed a 3 year post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University back in 2005 under my mentorship. She was awarded a CIHR fellowship to study children suffering from arthritis with a multidisciplinary team. Dr. De Civita was creative, diligent, and effective. We published many journal articles together in the area of pediatric medicine, quality of life in chronic disease populations, and health outcomes in adults living with a chronic health condition. She is a joy to work with and will remain my colleague and friend for many years to come.
Dr. Patricia Dobkin
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Mon expérience de Coaching avec Mirella fût des plus enrichissantes. C’était ma première expérience de travail avec un Conseil D’administration et les échanges avec Mirella m’ont permis de transformer de 100% mes relations avec mon CA. De plus, elle m’a aussi permis de renforcer mon leadership et d’améliorer la rapidité de mes décisions dans la gestion des opérations. Mirella est une personne de coeur, enjouée et très génereuse de son temps. Je vous la recommande fortement et encore aujourd’hui, je peux bébéficier de ses précieux conseils.
Ancien Directeur Général, Non-profit organization
In my former role as Director of Human Resources, I valued Mirella's contributions as a business psychologist and executive coach in developing our key talent. I received very positive feedback from the individual executives she worked with and also from their individual managers following their 3-way coaching sessions. Mirella exemplified the role of an executive coach, one who maintains a high level of confidentiality with her clients, whose coaching style is open and non-confrontational, and is able to continually engage her clients throughout the coaching process. I have also been able to get to know Mirella as a person; one who enjoys life, who is mindful of living her life well and in harmony, and continually looks for ways to improve herself.
Anne E. Primeau
Director of Human Resources (retired)
Working with Mirella proved to be an invaluable, transformational experience. Her ability to fully understand people’s motivations and behaviours, and how they interact within complex inner-company dynamics, made every conversation with her enlightening. She guides significant self-reflection and provides useful tools while ensuring that the coaching experience translates into tangible results. Mirella’s friendly approach and her great sense of humour made each coaching session a meeting I looked forward to.
Former General Manager, Digital Experience
Loyalty Company
Mirella is great at what she does, insightful and very helpful in helping candidates pursue greater success through better understanding of themselves.
Managing Director International | Loyalty Programmes | Data & Insights | Direct Marketing Solutions, Dubaï
Mirella was insightful and professional. Although at first I was somewhat skeptical about what I would get out of a coaching experience, working with Mirella turned out to be an invaluable experience.
Investment Financial Institution
Mirella has a smooth and effective way to help an Alpha personality put his ego into his pocket and see the benefit of modifying one’s own behavior. She can help even the most intense individuals develop improved interpersonal skills! The objectives of the coaching sessions were clearly stated and the pathway well defined. The learnings were great and will be of use for many years.
First Vice-President
Investment Financial Institution
My coaching experience with Mirella De Civita was a very worthwhile endeavor that added value. She uses her experience, approach and coaching style to create an adaptive and enjoyable learning process. I still use the skills I acquired during our sessions on a daily basis. I look forward to working with her again.
Executive Vice-president and Chief Financial Officer
Commercial Real Estate Lender
A while ago, I worked with Mirella as part of a top-tier leadership development initiative. As the HR executive for the project internally, I found Mirella to be the consummate professional – client-focused, business oriented and quickly grasping and understanding the individuals in the executive team as well as the team dynamic. Feedback from the executive team was very positive and pointed to her ability to give them feedback while being able to challenge them and bring them out of their comfort zone for further potential development. Mirella was also recognized for her excellent ability to facilitate the executive team and provide insights directed at improving team effectiveness.
Lucie Bourgeois
Former Group Director, Human Resources,
IMS Health
Dr. Mirella De Civita’s deep knowledge of knowledge translation and qualitative research methods were critical in the publication of our work: The first was an application of diffusion of innovations theory to diabetes translation research, highlighting the key elements to achieve sustainable implementation of evidence- based diabetes management programs (DeCivita and Dasgupta, Journal of Public Health). The second was a qualitative examination of physical activity- related barriers and facilitators experienced by adults with type 2 diabetes who had participated in a supervised exercise program (Casey, DeCivita, and Dasgupta, Diabetic Medicine). Her collaborative spirit and astute knowledge were critical to our research.
Kaberi Dasgupta, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)
Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University
In the course of fulfilling a mandate for Mirella, we had a chance to work closely together. Mirella is extremely astute in sizing up people, allowing her to understand the essence of the issue quickly and guiding her clients towards the best course of action. I say 'guide' her clients because she leads you towards your own decision by providing a very effective sounding board. Mirella's strong personal values and business ethics complement her high professional standards. I recommend Mirella without any reservation.
Sandra Coffey
Founder of StratPerspective,
Business Strategy Consultants
It is a pleasure to work with Mirella. She is an excellent coach who helps you reach your full potential. She is extremely effective at working with you; and in helping you identify your areas of focus. She provides you with the necessary tools in helping you become better rounded and as a result more effective.
Director, Production and Development
Analytics Health Care Marketing company
J’ai eu le privilège de transiger avec Madame DeCivita sur différents types de mandats et chaque occasion m’a permis d’apprécier ses compétences professionnelles et personnelles. Mirella possède un réel talent à interagir avec les gens, ce qui rend les échanges à la fois faciles et productifs. Sa capacité à cerner les besoins de ses clients, sa profondeur d’analyse, ses aptitudes à synthétiser l’information et son habileté à communiquer tous les types de messages font de Mirella , à mon avis, un partenaire d’affaires précieux.
David Guérette
Groupe Perceptia Inc.
Professionally and personally, Mirella’s commitment and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The high standard of ethics to which she holds herself accountable create a foundation on which powerful workshops and material can be developed to support learning and excellence for all.
Lorrie Quigg
Former Relationship Manager – Career Services,
McGill University
Mirella allows one to visualize characteristics about oneself that for some reason are blinded from ones sight.
Chief Investment Officer
Investment Financial Institution
My professional experiences with Mirella De Civita have been nothing less than outstanding. She provides such valuable insights and places a strong emphasis on building partnerships that last a lifetime. Her extensive academic background, coupled with her strong professional experiences, have proven very valuable in my interventions with Mirella. She is such a pleasure to partner with!
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Limited Brands Canada
I have had the opportunity to work with Mirella on a coaching assignment; initially, I had placed faith in her ability to help me but sincerely at the beginning of the assignment, I couldn't see how she could help me through. She did. More than I would have hoped for. The self-awareness I have gained from working with Mirella has helped me tremendously in my professional life but also shaped parts of my personal life as well. Thank you!
Past Vice-President Consulting
Financial Institution
Mirella, thank you for listening to me when we met. You didn't judge me; you just listened and was on high alert to help me immediately. You are the one who guided me to the right person who you felt would be able to help me. I have grown and I will continue to grow. You are so passionate with aiding those who choose to grow or may be on the path to a new beginning.
L. B.