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Our Purpose begins with YOU
We define our success by how well we help you grow and succeed today as well as tomorrow. We feel that being great coaches as well as insightful psychologists requires a coming together of mindfulness and effectiveness. When we are mindful of how we deliver our services, we are being effective. By being effective, we keep a fierce attention on what is occurring in the moment. We are therefore mindful of our effectiveness. Papillon MDC Inc. is based on this principle.

Our clients will reach out to us when they have a need to identify and understand the strengths of their leaders, develop and empower their talent, sustain ongoing development initiatives or even help their leaders through a transition. They count on us to be:

  • Objective while remaining sensitive to their issue
  • Resourceful while empowering them to find their own solutions
  • Thought-provoking while inspiring them to take action