Teaching: Leading the Learning Boat to Shore

I am an Associate Professor of Health Psychology at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Teaching is part of my job, in addition to research, service, and administrative tasks for a virtual teaching-patient navigation centre for children with complex care needs that Dr. Shelley Doucet, from UNB Saint John, and myself co-founded. I teach […]

At a Crossroad? 4 Dynamic Steps to Take Charge of Your Career

Crossroads in careers can come by chance, by choice or brutally by force. Whichever it is, it’s an incredible opportunity to take matters in your hands to shape a roadmap to succeed and to tap into your potential. There is no magic moment or time that you will face such a decision; however, you can […]

3 Important Steps Towards Conscious Leadership

Leaders as teachers

I feel my story is a simple one to share and yet at the same time, when I share it with others, more often than not, it seems to elicit the pleasant response “I never really saw it that way”.  Here is how my leadership journey led me to discover 3 important steps on the […]

The Courage to Redesign Your Leadership Presence


Whenever I pack for a family vacation, I take with me a few books. Usually, there is a poetry book, a psychology-based textbook, and a book on a topic I know nothing about. Most recently, I decided to dive into the fields of affective neuroscience and biology. I’ve always fancied the thought of being a […]

A-HA! The fear of leadership: Why I wasn’t ready to “take on me” as a leader

  Creativity may have always come easily to me, but I’ve also always known that it couldn’t be left to chance. It’s a skill that must continually be developed and refined despite the effort, pain, and struggle that comes along with exploring the edges of one’s creativity.  Fortunately, my multifaceted career provided me with a […]

What are you watering in yourself and in others?

watering flowers

A path to a better place in our minds doesn’t come to those who wait, but to those who practice. Practice what you ask? Practice the art of watering. Just imagine watering flowers. The empirical steps include: (1) verify if the soil is wet; (2) fetch water using a container of your choice; (3) water in […]

Want to know a secret? If you want to be a leader, it’s up to you!

Leaders aren’t born Becoming a leader is not an overnight accomplishment; some believe that it is inherited through their family genes, some think it is appointed to certain people in the company who may or may not be deserving of it, all the while wondering why they are not being seen as a leader themselves…The […]