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We Actualize and Develop Potential

When you partner with us, you are making a commitment to develop and sustain your talent. We work mindfully with steady determination and commitment to best practices in promoting sustainable transformations. Our objectivity and insight form a base on which your leaders can own their potential and achieve success. We do this by upholding our purpose and what we believe:

True success is the realization of potential.

We define integrity by the following key values:

  • Insight: We take pride in our ability to develop for ourselves and for our clients a truthful understanding of where they are, where they want to be and how they’re going to get there.
  • Honesty: We practice and rely on trust, transparency and sincerity, in order to cultivate truly effective partnerships with our clients.
  • Solidarity: Alongside a leader, his or her manager, and the organization as a whole, we work as a team to nourish a harmony of perspectives and find strength in unity and common goals.
  • Creativity: We show courage in forming a relationship with the unknown by listening with fierce attention to what is not being said when developing fresh ideas and new ways of doing things to achieve successTM.
  • Courage: We are mindful of the choices we make in serving our clients. We will walk away from mandates that do not respond to what we do best. We will push for purposeful conversations on matters that are impeding optimal functioning for the individual leader, team, and organization as a whole. And, we will work ourselves out of a job, thereby empowering organizations.

To awaken the potential of leaders to be the best at what they do, resulting in substantial and sustainable changes in the leadership ethos for the organization.

We define our success by how well we help you grow and succeed today as well as tomorrow. We feel that being great coaches as well as insightful psychologists requires a coming together of mindfulness and effectiveness. When we are mindful of how we deliver our services, we are being effective. By being effective, we keep a fierce attention on what is occurring in the moment. We are therefore mindful of our effectiveness. Papillon MDC Inc. is based on this principle.

Our clients will reach out to us when they have a need to identify and understand the strengths of their leaders, develop and empower their talent, sustain ongoing development initiatives or even help their leaders through a transition. They count on us to be:

  • Objective while remaining sensitive to their issue
  • Resourceful while empowering them to find their own solutions
  • Thought-provoking while inspiring them to take action

Committed to tap into the full potential of collective leadership.

Founded in 2010, Papillon MDC Inc.’s sole purpose is to transform lives by helping leaders reshape their personal narrative to allow for greater flexibility and acceptance in a world of constant change and unexpected life events. We accomplish this purpose by leveraging our expertise in the areas  of coaching and leadership development.  We offer state-of-the art executive and career coaching programs, mentor coaching for individuals in training, longitudinal leadership development programs, knowledge transfer to optimize learning, and e-learning  for individuals and teams to own their leaders development.

We believe that when leaders grow in their personal flexibility and acceptance, they open themselves up to opportunities, leading them to live their best lives.

Our coaching approach along with all of our leadership programs leverage the psychology of mindfulness and the compassionate mind, as well as the theoretical underpinnings of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Training and  Rational Emotive Behavioral techniques to help leaders actualize their potential and take flight in their careers.

Mirella De Civita

Founder of Papillon MDC Inc.
Dr. Mirella De Civita is a Quebec Licensed Psychologist and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who partners with C-level leaders in global and multinational organizations in facilitating their personal transformation and supporting them in bringing about profound cultural changes. She holds the designation of Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) awarded by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) based in the USA through the MEECO Leadership Development Institute.
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Jenny Gendron

Executive Assistant to the President and Administrative Partner
Jenny Gendron is an invaluable member of the Papillon MDC Inc. team. She brings a wealth of experience to her role as Executive Assistant to the President, and marries her common sense approach with solid technical experience to ensure smooth delivery of services. She has a keen eye for quality, and works effortlessly alongside the President to improve our service lines. She has a natural ease with clients, offering them solid guidance and timely response to their request. Along with our Business Development Strategist, she ensures that our clients’ experiences with Papillon MDC Inc. are memorable.
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Louis Brassard

Louis Brassard brings a wealth of experience to his role as a coach. With over 40 years of experience in the corporate world, Louis is able to guide any leader to his or her destination. He is a certified coach, recognized by his clients as adding incredible value to who they are as leaders today. He works with middle to senior level executives from middle to large sized organizations, guiding them toward their desired goal.
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Nader Daou

Vice-president e-Learning Programs and Design
Nader is an e-learning and facilitation consultant, strategist and change management expert, researcher, and career coach. His expertise in e-learning and educational technology provides him with an innovative edge to improving the learning process for leaders. With over 12 years of experience in automation, digitization, e-content, and e-learning, Nader enables new learning channels to emerge for clients for Papillon MDC Inc. around the globe.
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Papillon MDC Inc. believes in providing added value to our clients through the work of our partners.

When a client has an objective that is not being met, operational effectiveness is always attributed to either people or process…and most commonly, a combination of both. Addressing one without being mindful of the other is often disastrous…or, best case, a waste of time and money.

Our partnership is the ideal answer: Papillon MDC takes care of the “people” part of this complex equation by helping leaders transform how they see themselves in their roles for greater impact while JTX Inc. focuses on the “process” part to ensure effective changes in tools, strategies, and methods. The two companies therefore share a “passion” for YOU—The center of where change resides.

JTX Inc. is Papillon MDC Inc’s partner of choice as its senior business advisors bring a wealth of strategic and operational experience to optimize your business outcomes.
Visit to learn more about about how they help corporations align their internal processes and structures to achieve the best possible results.


Umalia works with private and not-for-profit organizations to help ensure that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are strategically designed, positioned, and implemented to achieve far-reaching benefits. The team at Umalia works to propel the reach of investments, large or small, by helping detect, bridge, and engage culturally cohesive partners in initiatives designed for collective wins.

Umalia is Papillon MDC’s partner of choice when Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are needed by our clients. Furthermore, Umalia has established and implemented our very own social responsibility initiatives.

Papillon MDC and Umalia share the common mission of striving to make a difference in the life cycle of organizations and individuals by optimizing potential; thereby promoting meaningful change around the world.

Visit to learn more about how they can breathe life into your own CSR mission. Read also about Umalia in Action.


At StratPerspective, we believe that the success of your business depends on your capacity to innovate in today’s constantly changing world. We specialize in developing the creative capabilities of your management team to identify effective business strategies for your company. We offer the following services to increase your competitive advantage: Injecting innovative thinking in your strategy formulation, implementing and facilitating your strategic planning process, ensuring the effective execution of your strategic plan and management training on strategy formulation for your team.

StratPerspective is Papillon MDC Inc.’s partner of choice when you want to take a fresh look at your business to attain your growth and competitive objectives. We also complement each other because the development of a good strategy is directly related to the effectiveness of the management team, one of Papillon MDC Inc.’s areas of expertise.

Visit or contact founder Sandra Coffey at 514-243-9979 or via email at to learn how StratPerspective’s unique approach to strategic planning can help your company.

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