Purpose: Why it Matters

It no longer seems profitable to speak about “Purpose”. Leaders today are reluctant to ask themselves what is the purpose of their work and more broadly, their organization. Speaking about “Purpose” means we are not business-like. Be it resolved that “Purpose” does matter to the financial well-being of any corporation, regardless of size or geographical […]

Rethinking Leadership

  “…unless top management has the trust of the people, no REAL change will occur.” Management consultants aim at changing the ethos of a corporation through the engagement of top management. Although there is an abundance of research suggesting that top management ought to be included in order for change to occur, it is also […]

Time is a Thief

Far too often we find ourselves working with leaders who delay making critical decisions. In some cases, decisions are required to manage talent. In other situations, decisions are necessary to cut losses and turn a corner. And, in other cases, a decision is needed to invest in an opportunity. The cost of not making the […]