As we welcome 2019 and get ready for the unknown, we thought we would take a moment to reflect on the year that was and to share with you how disruptive we at Papillon MDC have been by trying new things and sticking it out even when we were criticized for being bold and daring!

And in 2019, the journey continues. Indeed, the path Papillon MDC has undertaken has curves and bends yet to experience, but we forge on, confident in our values, guided by integrity, and ready to disrupt some more!

What has your business done differently that places it out of the red ocean and plunges it into the blue?

In closing, we would like to recognize all of our incredible corporate clients here and overseas who entrusted us with their vision of the leaders they desired to be, shared their business wins and losses, and stayed the course even when times were challenging. You make us who we are. Without you there is no us. You matter, and you are at the core of why we do the work we do.