Radical Generosity – Business, Reimagined


Bhaskar Goswami speaks to us about practicing generosity and what it means for the future of business… Click here to view the vlog. About Bhaskar Goswami SPEAKER | TEACHER | YOGIPRENEUR DAANA Eastern, Western, ancient, modern, scientific, soulful From early childhood adventures in Assam, India to living through war in Kuwait, starting anew as a […]

Margaux Roncière: Never Too Young to Pursue Your Purpose

Margaux Roncière, 16 years old, is a talented young woman with a social purpose. She uses her hands to create stunning landscapes, bringing nature to life on her canvases, and uses her heart to transform her passion to change lives. While some of us may search a lifetime for ourpurpose, Margaux knew at a young […]