Change and Courage: Releasing all I was not to become who I was meant to be

As far back as I can remember, I always had a keen intellectual curiosity. While most kids spent recess playing tag and swinging on the swing set, I could usually be found in the school library with my nose buried in a book. Reading became even more important to me as my parents’ marriage began […]

At a Crossroad? 4 Dynamic Steps to Take Charge of Your Career

Crossroads in careers can come by chance, by choice or brutally by force. Whichever it is, it’s an incredible opportunity to take matters in your hands to shape a roadmap to succeed and to tap into your potential. There is no magic moment or time that you will face such a decision; however, you can […]

The day I decided to stop being a conforming chameleon

conforming chameleon

Our keen ability to blend in may have become such an instinctive ritual for so many of us, that I’ll use it as the excuse for having spent the beginning of my own career as a “conforming chameleon.” As the eager-to-please (and younger) version of myself, I chose to adapt to organizations without purpose-driven missions […]