Purpose of the program

Brainstorming…it’s nothing new. It’s common corporate jargon because the concept of brainstorming has had over 70 years to become ingrained in our workplace culture. Despite its familiarity in academia and the corporate world alike, it certainly doesn’t mean leaders have mastered facilitating this creative group activity. Many people cringe when invited to yet another brainstorming session, while others put their game face on and sharpen their pencils with enthusiasm. These contrasting reactions should be expected as more often than not, brainstorms are not structured or led in a way that leads to pleasant experiences and effective results. To make matters slightly more complex, remote working environments have been perceived as an additional obstacle for collaborative problem solving or collective idea generation. This mini course will help managers and leaders understand how to get the most out of their people so brainstorming sessions can be productive and impactful even in remote working scenarios.

Who Should Register:

This training is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in developing their team, optimizing team performance during brainstorming sessions, and creating a leadership culture that sets the stage for problem solving and idea generation.


This mini-course has a unique “coach approach” to understand and enhance leadership skills from the perspective of certified coaching and leadership experts. Using this knowledge, you are going to learn strategies to cultivate a culture for brainstorming so teams can thrive when working together in person, remotely, or with a hybrid model of work. In addition to the live web-based sessions, a concise manual will be provided to registered participants. The final 15 to 30 minutes of each live web-based session is reserved for questions from attendees.

Learning Outcomes :

Price: $197.97 CAN (plus applicable taxes)