Purpose of the program

In fast-paced environments, things can happen so quickly and continuously that we, as leaders, have a tendency to react and adapt with fast-track approaches to listening. Most of us haven’t received any formal training on active listening skills, and we often believe that because we can hear, we already know how to listen. How we communicate, how behave, how we make decisions, is greatly influenced by how and what we listen for, and it also informs our teams on how we think. In remote work conditions, listening like a coach to your team members, colleagues, and other stakeholders in your company is more essential than ever before. As leaders, we must develop the art of listening in ourselves first and foremost by understanding the different levels of listening and developing the awareness of our intentions for listening. This coach approach to listening can have multifaceted positive benefits to managing and leading teams; an enhanced connection with your team, solidified trust, an environment of psychological safety, conflict management and improved collaboration…


Anytime, anywhere. (Recorded webinar)



Who Should Register:

This training is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in developing their team, optimizing team performance, keeping their team connected, and sustaining a leadership culture through effective remote work practices.


This mini-course has a unique “coach approach” to understand and enhance leadership skills from the perspective of certified coaching and leadership experts. Using this knowledge, you are going to learn strategies to cultivate skills for active listening. In addition to the live web-based sessions, a concise manual will be provided to registered participants. The final 15 to 30 minutes of each live web-based session is reserved for questions from attendees.

Learning Outcomes :

Price: $197.97 CAN (plus applicable taxes)