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Margaux Roncière: Never Too Young to Pursue Your Purpose

Crossroads International_Margaux RoncièreMargaux Roncière, 16 years old, is a talented young woman with a social purpose. She uses her hands to create stunning landscapes, bringing nature to life on her canvases, and uses her heart to transform her passion to change lives. While some of us may search a lifetime for ourpurpose, Margaux knew at a young age that she can use her talents and passions for good. Always on the lookout for young talent to mentor and guide, Papillon MDC Inc. made the decision in 2016 to support Margaux’s artwork showcased at Radix: Designer by Nature exhibition, where local Montreal artists converged for a cause: the Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Clinic of the Montreal Children’s Hospital. During this mentorship time, it became evident that Margaux had a great talent for capturing the subtleties in life. Hence, our creative work with Crossroads International began to take shape, we made the decision to involve Margaux as our guide for all things related to young women interested in supporting their community. It did not take long for Margaux to jump at the opportunity to write a short story illustrating the competencies Papillon MDC wanted to develop in these young women. In July 2017, Margaux flew to Senegal with our partner, Marie-Jose, from Umalia to facilitate the implementation of the program. She had the honor of meeting the women entrepreneurs of Senegal and walked away inspired to continue to focus her efforts on bringing about social change in the lives of women. Carrefour International_Senegal Papillon MDC Inc. is devoted to supporting Margaux in her artwork, as well as finding opportunities for her to continue to give back in tangible ways. We wish her continued success in all she undertakes!

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