Invited Keynote Speaker at L’Oreal Canada’s Leadership Forum, February 2013

As an invited guest, Mirella began her lecture by asking the audience to think of a blue elephant. She then asked them to stop thinking about the image and to pay attention to what she wanted them to remember. Without question the audience could not stop thinking of the blue elephant. She used this live example to illustrate the importance of the mind and how it often tells us what it wants to see and believe even when the context is asking for something different. She used the concept of psychological flexibility to illustrate how leaders ought to behave in order to nurture their talent, and create the competitive advantage. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: “The majority of people who leave their positions walk away not from the corporation, not from HR structures, but from you—the leaders. What can be done to help change this state of affairs? We need to begin by changing the way we think about our work in relation to people. As appointed leaders, your job is to develop the ability in others to do their work… To learn more about her talk entitled: Maintaining the Competitive Advantage, please contact us.

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