Dr. Mirella De Civita Delivers Keynote Address on the Mentoring Relationship as an Ever-Evolving Adaptive Process

Many companies are faced with the following challenge: Their leaders have mastered the art of problem solving at the expense of developing the ability in their team members to do their work effectively. Sponsorship, mentoring, and coaching are all effective “development strategies” to improve employee performance, engagement, and overall well-being.

Recently, Dr. Mirella De Civita delivered a keynote address to several aviation executives. The objective of the session was to stimulate thinking and curiosity when it comes to leveraging key development strategies that aim to shift how one perceives being a mentor and the mutual benefits of mentoring. Ideally, the outcome is to encourage more leaders to step forward and embrace mentoring. Competencies related to impactful mentoring will be covered.

Listen to a snippet of her talk. Click on the play button on the right (or below if viewing on your mobile!).

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