Miranda Piccolino

Miranda Piccolino is a Marketing Communications professional with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with large corporations, private companies and entrepreneurs, guiding them and advising them in promoting their brands, their products and their services. Her past experiences make her a well-rounded communications professional, having run the gamut of marketing communications functions including advertising and promotions, PR and media relations, event planning, content marketing, social media, digital marketing and copywriting. She recently launched her own Communications Services company and joined Papillon MDC as Vice President, Communications & PR. As a member of the Papillon MDC team, Miranda manages all content marketing and social media activities as well as Public Relations with the objective to spotlight the company’s insights and knowledge in executive coaching and leadership training and its initiatives in corporate social responsibility.

Mirandas’s Unique Style

Some say that simplicity is the point of arrival, and this is what Miranda promises to deliver with her work. She has the ability to articulate in few words what sometimes seems too complex to describe while devising plans that directly address the issues, challenges and objectives at hand.

Professional Background

  • Miranda holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and has continued her studies at Université de Sherbrooke à Longueuil taking advanced courses in e-communications.

Miranda Piccolino is based in Montreal, Canada.


Vice President of Communications & PR


Social Media.

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