It was a pleasure to attend and participate in your class, Navigational Conversations.  Stefano, I would have liked to have seen you facilitate a little closer  (in-person for example).  The communication, exchanges, and interactions were excellent in the group (during the online version of this program).  Stefano, I liked your authenticity and spontaneity.  The techniques taught (conversational coaching, open-ended questioning, and feedback techniques) were presented in a simple and easy-to-apply way.  These techniques can be useful to all of us in our personal/family life and at work (with teammates or direct reports).  Feedback given in the right way can make all the difference between helping a person become aware of their potential for improvement and encouraging them to move forward vs. creating a lot of frustration, negative thoughts, lost sleep, and anger that may linger. Thanks again Stefano, and see you next time!

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