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Since 2010, we have shouldered the  leadership journeys of over 3,500 leaders and over 150 organizations.

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D.M., Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

The program is well thought out and I appreciate the various tools that are used to deliver the course content. Mirella is a true professional. The content of the course was delivered in a way that is truly impactful and

S.C., Marketing Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

The program was excellent! Mirella is a great facilitator. I feel motivated and enthusiastic about changing my interactions with others. Such a big realization of how I’ve been stumbling in the dark – I now have

M.L., Planificateur, Aérospatiale

Un cours intéressant avec un bel équilibre entre les exercices et la théorie. Mirella a une excellente maîtrise du sujet. Elle est dynamique et intéressante. Elle donne de bons exemples pertinents pour tous les

J.C., Planificatrice, Aérospatiale

La formation était excellente. De toutes les formations reçues, celle-ci était vraiment différente! Mirella est un exemple incroyable de ce qu’un coach devrait être! Dans l’ensemble, le rythme est bon, les exercices sont révélateurs et aident à comprendre la

J.B., Personal Life Coach, PPCC – Concordia University

I had the great pleasure of working with Dr. De Civita as my mentor coach while I was completing the Professional and Personal Coach Certification program at Concordia University. The ICF’s 11 core competencies were at the heart of our many discussions, which in turn allowed me to not only better understand these competencies but to integrate them in my coaching with clients and in my everyday life. I greatly appreciated Dr. De Civita’s support during and in-between our mentoring sessions as well as her expert knowledge of all things coaching, her genuine kindness, her constructive feedback and her unconditional positive presence. All my expectations were met and exceeded by the quality of this mentoring program!

H.P. Certified Coach

Mirella never ceased to amaze me. I have witnessed her effective coaching before which gave me full confidence in choosing her as my mentor coach. Her ability to detect true meaning and emotions beyond surface, her articulate effective questioning skills and her strong intuition coupled with extensive experience are the key success factors to a superb coach. She has also been tremendously encouraging in her approach which enabled me to unleash the potentials beyond my own belief.

David L Adams, Independent director, Audit Committee and HRCC Chair, previously CFO Aimia Inc

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mirella for almost 10 years as both a personal executive coach and as a human resource, leadership and talent management consultant. Her professionalism, insight, and integrity is unmatched by anyone that I have come across in the almost four decades of my business career. She also has the strength of character to speak truth to power and to challenge strongly held or entrenched views. Mirella was instrumental in helping us identify the right executive talent during the hiring process and identify the opportunities for coaching and support that maximized the possibility of the successful integration of new management talent into our organization. She was an invaluable resource for me personally, helping to provide valuable insights into human behavior and organizational dynamics. I know that I would not have been as successful as I have been without her encouragement and advice. I would recommend Mirella and Papillon without reservation to anyone looking for someone to help them build a successful, thriving organization by developing their most important resource, their people.

P.M., Financial services

Mirella mentored me during a period of 6 months while I was studying towards an ICF recognized coaching certification. I must admit it has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. During our sessions, Mirella demonstrated unique skills in how she listened carefully to my words and emotions and give me feedback that celebrated what I did well in my coaching sessions with clients yet  pushed me constantly to reflect about one topic, to develop a particular skill, always in the service of the client. Her approach is far from mechanical. It leaves room for you to develop your own coaching style.

D.S-L., Project Engineer, Aerospace Industry

The program was excellent! Smart, pertinent, and well-prepared material. Mirella clearly masters the subject matter. She adapts to the group, answers though questionnaire with satisfactory answers.

Excellent concepts. Well-described program. Good balance of theory and practice. Mirella has an amazing way with words. She makes it sound so easy! A pleasure listening and practicing with her for 2 day!

N.B., Spécialiste Ressources humaines, Aviation

Contenu très clair. Approche très efficace. Le ‘role play’ aide énormément à l’apprentissage. La formatrice était très intéressante, elle donnait des exemples concrets et sa façon d’expliquer la matière était claire et efficace. Je recommande le programme à tous. Concept très bénéfique et formatrice exceptionnelle!

E.B., HR Director, Aerospace Industry

Great balance between theory and practice. Working on real case scenarios was very helpful. The cards are also good tools to keep handy. I very much enjoyed this program.

K.M., HR Coordinator, Aerospace Industry

This program is wonderful in terms of learning coaching techniques but as well in learning about ourselves! Mirella was very patient and engaging. Everything was great, really! This is absolutely a training I would recommend to anyone!

S.M., VP Rewards Operations, Loyalty

Excellent program! Very insightful and thought provoking! I wish it had been offered to me years ago! Would have like more opportunities to see Mirella coach a coachee.

A.B., Ressources humaines, Aviation

Contenu bien présenté, clair et efficace. Facilitateur connaît son contenu et donne des exemples appropriés. Elle sait garder l’attention de son auditoire. Excellent cours!

A.M., VP Financial Services, Loyalty

The program was excellent. The live exercises are the most effective. Small groups allow for confidence building. I also appreciated the “confidential” nature of how conversations tool place over the 2 days.

J.B., Webmaster Human Resources department, Aerospace Industry

A perfect course! I started the course at a beginner level. After the course, I feel more confident in my coaching abilities. I learned great techniques and concepts. I think that all managers, or anyone in a project coordinator role, would benefit from these teachings. Life Changing (as OPRAH would say)!

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