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The Culmination of an Inspiring Journey: Papillon MDC’s Work Lands in Senegal

 Just this past June, Papillon MDC Inc. was proud to announce that the mentor-mentee program we developed for women entrepreneurs in Senegal was ready to be delivered. The program is a work of purpose and dedication developed in partnership with Crossroads International to help the Senegalese women in their soap-making business. On July 15, Marie-José Surpris from Umalia along with Margaux Roncière, a young leader sponsored by Papillon MDC Inc., departed for Senegal. For more than a week, Marie-José worked closely with the women, helping the experienced entrepreneurs develop their skills as mentors and the young women in their charge to develop the skills needed to take the reins of the business over time. Margaux’s story-telling featured as a book served to help the young women connect with the competencies targeted in this program Notwithstanding cultural and linguistic barriers and the overwhelming Senegalese heat, the mission proved to be immensely worthwhile for both the representatives delivering the program and the women in Senegal receiving the training derived from the program. For Papillon MDC Inc., working diligently with purpose to help make a difference for a community was not just gratifying, it was our way to use our talents to contribute to the social economy. We thank Marie-Jose for making it possible to see our program take flight, and for Margaux to lead her creative mind in writing the story that captured the hearts of the young women. We remain committed to Crossroads International to ensure its ongoing success, and we are especially grateful for helping us prove once again, that social transformation is possible when you allow your purpose to drive your actions to do good for people and communities. Marie-José Surpris and Margaux Roncière with the women of Senegal

Senegal and beyond:

A second phase to this project was recently announced, further proving that when we live by our purpose, transformation knows no boundaries. Papillon MDC’s mentor/mentee program will be implemented in nine other regional unions with the support of the Programme Québécois de Développement International (PQDI) from the Ministère Québécois des Relations International et de la Francophonie. We are excited to embark on this next leg of the journey!


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