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You Can do More Than You Think: Giving Back is Being Human

In 2011, I decided to make it my priority to find an innovative way for Papillon MDC Inc. to share its expertise in meaningful ways with the community at large. I realized at a young age that our talents came with a tremendous amount of responsibility. It required sharing our gifts with others. Now, don’t get me wrong, money goes a long way to making things happen. However, growing up with little financial resources somehow fortified a sense of perseverance, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. These three characteristics made it possible for me to climb the academic ladder, enter the business world, launch two businesses, and never ever doubt my vision. It turned out that these same characteristics would serve me well on a bright April afternoon as I contemplated what more Papillon MDC Inc. could do to in terms of substantial impact. As I sat down with paper in hand and began crunching my numbers for the year that was, it dawned on me that we did not need to wait for the perfect moment to give back in tangible ways to people and communities that required support to take flight with their dreams. This was the moment. There would not be a better time but now. Hence, I quickly sent an email to the team, announcing that we would launch a competition open to all non-profit organizations requiring our expertise and knowledge to address organizational issues, build talent, and help leaders make important decisions. We would do the work pro bono. Our budget was set at $15,000. Go ahead… ask me whether we stayed within our budget? Not!

We focused on what mattered most: Having impact

Since 2012, we have provided pro bono professional services to Not-for-profit organizations here in Quebec and overseas. In addition to this form of giving, we searched for young emerging leaders who needed our support financially to pursue their dreams. We sponsored a taekwondo athlete, Alexandre Lavallée, in his national and international competitions. We also made it possible for him to train in Korea. We didn’t think twice when a group of high-school students from “Collège Ste. Anne de Lachine” launched a public-funding campaign, asking for donations to help support their trip to Sô-Ava, in Benin (West Africa). Their mission: Build a library for the community. How could we have refused? We became their main sponsor. Last year, we heard about Fernando Barbosa’s work in bringing international attention to the plight of working children in Bolivia, and decided to help him in his first documentary film “Take Off”. This past Fall, we discovered and brought attention to Margaux Roncière’s inspiring paintings at an Art Exhibition entitled Radix. This year, we continue our partnership with Green Beaver and Crossroads International. This partnership, spearheaded by Crossroads International, aims to increase the productive capacity of a network of women who produce and distribute a range of soaps in several regions across Senegal. Our role is to design and implement a mentor training program that optimizes women’s leadership capabilities to mentor young talent, and in the process ensure the sustainability and longevity of their business. To learn more about this partnership as well as our other corporate social responsibility initiatives , click here.

Last Word

Giving our time and sharing our knowledge and expertise is what sets us apart from those who wait for the right moment to make a difference in the lives of others. Frankly, there is no such thing as the right moment to do something for someone or to support a cause dear to your heart. All it takes is perseverance, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. This is what makes us truly human! We want to acknowledge all of our clients who, over the last 7 years, have leveraged our services to optimize their leadership and enhance their corporate environment. You must know that you were part of making many dreams come true. Without you, there would not be Papillon MDC Inc…. Thank you for giving us the privilege to learn and to grow together. It has, and continues to be an honor.

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