Capturing Your Corporate Knowledge: Why Should This be Your Priority?

In my last two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Behavioral Medicine at McGill University, I spent a considerable amount of time sharpening my skills in the diffusion of innovation and knowledge transfer. Back then, the importance of knowledge transfer was just taking shape and academics were required in their request for research funding to […]

Engaging Talent – Sustaining Competitive Edge

Greatness is not paved by a string of successful outcomes. In fact, it is made up of failures, disappointments, and wrong turns in the road, some bad decisions, as well as high, unforgiving cliffs, and incredibly low, abysmal valleys. When I analyzed the life stories of leaders who have reached greatness in their lives, I […]

You Are Now An Executive! Are You Ready To Manage Dual Roles?

Let’s get something straight: Being an Executive comes with new responsibilities and commitments. Some may be familiar and others will become obvious in the days, weeks, and months to come. In no time, you will realize the challenge of managing your dual role: You are NOW the most senior representative of your Business unit AND […]

Focused Attention: The Path Toward Integrity

I choose kindness whenever it is possible. It is always possible. I choose to see more than the bad choices people make in their lives. They are more than just their bad choices. I choose to see more than what is obvious to the person in front of me. People are more than the sum […]

Trust in a Mentor-Mentee Relationship

The night has indeed been my oasis time and time again… I’ve had my most intimate moments in darkness wherein I would sit still and listen to the competing voices within. You learn many things about yourself in darkness; but the one thing that is true when you sit in darkness is becoming fully aware […]

You Can do More Than You Think: Giving Back is Being Human

In 2011, I decided to make it my priority to find an innovative way for Papillon MDC Inc. to share its expertise in meaningful ways with the community at large. I realized at a young age that our talents came with a tremendous amount of responsibility. It required sharing our gifts with others. Now, don’t […]

Words Matter

Never look in your past to blame or criticize yourself for the things you said or did not say. Wasteful energy! If you must, make sure to bring along a spirit of acceptance and a commitment to change. I know I have, and the lessons I learned paved the way toward a greater understanding of […]