Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Acts of kindness need not wait for the right opportunity, but require a letting go of all preconceived notions of what is possible. Making the «impossible» possible is what we aim to do!

Mirella De Civita

Papillon MDC Inc. believes in giving back to society in a profound and tangible way. The work we do benefits many individuals and their families. We improve the professional lives of leaders, and in turn, they lead a more fulfilling personal life. Our services help leaders make important decisions, recover from adversity, and redirect their professional lives. As such, we strongly feel we can continue to build on our strengths as professionals by offering our services to non-profit organizations. We do our work mindfully, and we are mindful of our effectiveness.

Since 2012, our team has donated more than 590 hours of pro bono professional services in the area of training and development, executive coaching, facilitation, job analysis, interviewing skill development, psychometric testing of potential and selection, as well as team building, team alignment, and team collaboration. This represents an investment on our part of over $325,000, which has led to positive outcomes for three local charities, one international community, based in Africa, and a community of women entrepreneurs focused on soap-making in Senegal. Our contributions have also facilitated the works of Fernando Barbosa with at-risk youth in South America, supported children living with arthritis to attend summer camp, children bereaving the loss of a loved one to experience a weekend of hope and dreams, as well as supported several fund-raising initiatives promoting the arts and well-being. We invite you to learn about their efforts, the charities we supported, and their experiences of partnering with Papillon MDC Inc. by reading below.


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