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Offer Your Employees a Business Coaching Hotline When They Need It Most

Everyone gets stuck. The mind that faces a challenging dilemma cannot be the mind that makes the choice. The impact of indecision in the workplace is quite alarming. So, if just one person’s indecision can cost so much, then imagine the effect of indecision on a company wide scale being exponential in nature. 

Breaking the Decision Loop

If one employee’s indecision can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million, what would it cost if we were to add more people in this indecision equation?  It could get bad real fast.

In this masterclass on indecisino, Mirella De Vicita, president of Papillon MDC will teach you how importatn it is for you to get unstuck when facing a dilemma.

Benefits to Your Employees

Motivated to work through challenges

Encouraged to take actions

Making timely decisions

Engaged and resourceful

Coaching on-demand means your employees have access to their own council of coaches when they realize they are stuck. They can choose to speak to a trained professional who knows how to listen deeply to what they might not be saying and ask meaningful questions, help them reflect, and shift their perspective so that they can see through their own thinking clutter, make the decision and get unstuck.

Benefits The Company

Increased employee productivity and effectiveness

Increased employee accountability and sense of ownership

Improved mental health and overall well-being

Increased savings in human resources

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