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The Alignment Project is a wonderful process and facilitation. Really assisted in setting the course with responsibilities and roles

The program (The Alignment Prpoject) was well organized and focused on ensuring that the team collaboration and understanding of each other was paramount. Our facilitator was extremely good at challenging our assumptions and holding up a mirror, when necessary.

Excellent course! Should be suggested as part of the welcoming package for new leaders. Mirella is so good on transferring the knowledge that she has, and at answering the questions. Flow of the program was summarized perfectly in 2 days.

One of the best soft skills course I had. Mirella has much knowledge of the subject and is a perfect teacher. She showed enough experience to answer the questions. I enjoyed to 2 day training and I will suggest others to take it. I will definitely use this course in life.

Really well-done course. Mirella was awesome; very soft-spoken and polity. It was a lot of fun to learn from her and shave my thoughts.

It was eye opening! Very engaging and impactful. I definitely recommend to all managers/leaders who are willing to invest on their talent development and employees for future leaders. The material was very well prepared, excellent flow which impact individuals to think and reflect on themselves.

I felt privileged to have had such a qualified and experienced facilitator. Mirella gave us a lot of insights into behavioral science as well as many practical examples. I will definitely take away a lot from this course! Thank you!

Excellent Program! Best one I took at my workplace. Mirella was so generous in sharing her expertise and experience and so knowledgeable. I liked the balance between theory, practice exercises, and explanations from the facilitator.

Great course! It helps develop my default mode network.

The process we learned about gave me a structured approach to the two, allowing me to be more confident and comfortable. It helped put into “real terms” a lot of feelings and ideas I had and make it more concrete for me. Mirella was a fantastic instructor and I would happily take another course in this area! She was extremely knowledgeable and obviously quite experienced! She created an open and friendly atmosphere and made the material interesting and encouraged constant discussion.

Very interesting program. Definitely opened my eyes on coaching mindset and realized I have been doing mentoring/teaching. Content is just right, not overwhelming. Mirella is very enthusiastic in her presentation of the course. Very insightful. Had an overall good experience working and practicing during the program. Very well paced. Will take time for me to get into practice the method, but I feel I have all the tools I need.

Excellent training! Good methodology! Thanks for this new tool!

This was a very valuable experience for me and I feel that I will be using it on a daily basis in my current job and personal life. It has opened my eyes on how to be a better leader and colleague in my workforce and as a parent, to be a better guide for my children.

Absolutely love the class and see high value in my day-to-day work. Now I am just eager to learn more and practice as much as possible.

Excellent Program! The quick reminder printouts are very handy. The material is well-explained and practiced. Extremely interesting link between problem solving mindset and coaching approach. Very helpful material to boost your team growth.

As someone who did not really know what I was about to experience. I felt like I was thrown in the deep end of the pool but with a lifeguard watching my every move and making me feel safe. I learned the difference between coaching and managing, a diff I did not realize existed before. The exercises were great practice to understand the technique and see where your weaknesses /bad habits reside. The pacing and flow are quite dynamic, found that the videos also helped me put the method into context. As for my personal experience, I was def challenged, and was able to be coached in the diff exercise which was a bit overwhelming, but allowed me to discover part of what has been holding me back. I feel lucky to have been given the gift of this course from my employer and look forward to continuing my coaching growth.

Excellent workshop! Learning a new way of thinking following practical exercises really helped understand the coaching method. Mirella was excellent! I felt fortunate to be part of such a small personal group.

The program is excellent. It reoriented my approach for interactions, especially with team members. I have been utilizing the ‘navigational’ approach for several months now and it has been an exhilarating journey. It is such a great approach because both participants benefit in the long run.

The Alignment Project Program was very helpful in identifying key issues and constructive solutions. Particularly effective in creating a shift in communication styles and understanding. Mirella did a superb job herding the cats and adding insights. Wonderful facilitation and having all engaged. Wordsmithing of leadership team charter very well done.

Donne de bons outils avec des exemples concrets et pertinents. Mirella est une excellente formatrice. Elle donne des enseignements très claires, avec une bonne fluidité et une bonne interaction avec les participants.

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