Making Remote Work, WORK!

April 21, 2021 2:00 PM EST

Purpose of the program

For so many managers and leaders, 2020 was a challenging year because of the rapid transition to leading teams remotely. After several months, some have been able to gain a little footing, but the obstacles that plagued 2020 shouldn’t continue to be a shared struggle for 2021. The post-2020 vision of work will very likely continue to include remote work and/or a hybrid model that combines telecommuting and office time, which means leading teams in 2021 will be more important than ever before if you want your team to be dynamic, healthy, productive, and impactful.

Who Should Register

This training is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in developing their team, optimizing team performance, keeping their team connected, and sustaining a leadership culture through effective remote work practices.


This mini-course has a unique “coach approach” to understand and enhance leadership skills from the perspective of certified coaching and leadership experts. Using this knowledge, you are going to learn strategies that positively impact mindset so that team members able to be productive, connected, and collaborative. In addition to the live web-based sessions, a concise manual will be provided to registered participants. The final 15 to 30 minutes of each live web-based session is reserved for questions from attendees.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize your ability to shape your team’s perception of remote work
  • Identify and understand the common problems associated with telecommuting
  • Identify and understand methods for leading with compassion toward psychological well-being
  • Understand the impact of your leadership style with regards to the psychological well-being of team members
  • Learn how to optimize discussions and contributions when you lead virtual meetings
  • Implement methods to improve productivity and engagement with workers in remote and hybrid working environments

Price: $197.97 CAN (plus applicable taxes)

About the Facilitator

Stefano has extensive experience as a Management Consultant partnering with purpose-driven leaders and organizations to help create impactful and innovative teams. Stefano acquired in-depth leadership experience in diverse sectors including aerospace, financial institutions, crown corporations, design, technologies, educational institutions, real estate, communication, electrical utilities, media, and the simulator market (for training and entertainment). His ability to partner as an advisor and coach has facilitated the development and launch of creative initiatives within corporations, and educational institutions alike. As a certified coach, Stefano transmits his passion by partnering with clients so that they can reach their full potential with a unique approach. Stefano is also a dynamic leadership facilitator, collaborating with leaders across the organization as they develop their management and mentoring skills. Some of his creative programs are offered to Papillon MDC’s top corporate clients.