Mini Courses

Papillon MDC’s Live Learning Mini Courses are a series of short and concise online sessions focused on bringing your attention to current topics in management science and healthy living. The courses are facilitated by one of our leadership experts with extensive experience in leading and managing people and will allow you to get an overview of the skills and knowledge needed to face current challenges with confidence.

Les mini cours sont diffusés en anglais.

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Upcoming Mini Courses

Design Thinking Applied to Leadership

Design thinking applied to leadership is a non-linear, iterative process that leaders can use to understand their teams, challenge assumptions and irrational beliefs, redefine problems/challenges and create innovative solutions to prototype and test for the enhancement team dynamics, engagement, individual and collective growth.

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Jennifer Neveu

Director of Marketing & Product Development at Masdel Inc

"Great content on today's 'Questioning Like a Coach' Live Learning with Stefano Di Lollo! Check out the Live Learning section on the Papillon MDC website. I highly recommend their mini courses! #LeadersCreateLeaders”

~ Attendee

Aerospace Industry

“Thank you for this incredible Live Learning session. Stefano, your energy is so uplifting and contagious. I look forward to the next one!” 

PB, VP Canada


Live Learning mini-courses with the Papillon MDC Team is one of the best formats we have found. Great content, well packaged and professionally presented. Pandemic challenges limiting in person learning and busy agendas, makes Papillon MDC’s videoconferencing formula a true winner. Important topics broken down in small sessions over different days keep you focused and enables you to accomplish other duties in the same day.”

Kenji K, Germany

"This mini course was full of insightful and practical learnings. The presentation included visuals that help you understand intuitively, and I enjoyed Stefano’s cheerful and logical explanations which helped to deepen my understanding.  I applied the learning the very next day, and experienced a good outcome as a result. Highly recommended."