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Papillon MDC Inc., is very proud to be the only consulting firm in Quebec to carry the license to facilitate this program. Coaching is about supporting others to be more effective in getting from place to place. The word place, of course, represents many things beyond physical location; place can refer to level of productivity, earnings, quality of relationships, leadership effectiveness, job status, sense of fulfillment and more. Coaching is a method to help others navigate – not by steering or charting a course for them, but by supporting them to navigate for themselves.

Learning to be a great navigational coach involves thinking differently, learning new skills, listening to intuition, exercising restraint, developing wisdom and being willing to practice. This two-day program is interactive and helps participants experience true coaching conversations. They will have ample opportunity to put into practice their learning, and explore how a coach addresses the five major challenges experienced by individuals.

  • Day One focuses on foundational principles and fundamental coaching skills
    • Explore the difference between the problem-solving mindset and the coaching mindset
    • Understand when and where to apply a coaching approach
    • Practice key principles and skills, and receive in the moment feedback
  • Day Two explores more advanced skills and more challenging coaching situations
    • Learn how to give positive and corrective feedback using a coaching approach
    • Learn how to deal with more challenging situations
    • Learn a tested and proved approach through repeated exposure and exercises

Come and be part of the 508 leaders worldwide who have learned the methodology and are having impact in their organizations!

Leaders interested in implementing this program in their organisations are encouraged to contact us or call us at (514) 228-7570 to schedule a time to discuss the benefits of the program with Mirella De Civita.

Navigational ConversationsTM

Target audience: Senior executives, newly promoted team leaders, and HR professionals.

Goal: Better able to have coaching conversations that inspire confidence, accountability to solutions, and ownership of outcomes.

Benefits: Become more apt at coaching employees to develop their own solution to solving problems, which lead to increased quality of relationships, leader effectiveness, and productivity. HR Professionals as well as those in a Professional Role will acquire the practical knowledge of how to help their clients navigate through their challenges and reach their desired outcome. This involves being able to initiate conversations about sensitive issues, carrying them through with confidence and integrity.

Value added: Enhance and consolidate the learning through both pre-work and post-course assignment.

Event information

Location & Time of Event: 2001, Robert-Bourassa, suite 1700, Montreal; 9h30 to 16h30

Number of Participants: Maximum of 8 participants

Included: Light breakfast, delicious lunch, and healthy snacks during breaks. All materials included.

Training available in French & English; please refer back to the registration site for specific dates.


The program is very good, in my opinion too short for me. I would have have liked an access to e-tool where you can practice more the knowledge.

Cours bien construit, stimulant, claire et simple! .Donne des outils qui permettent beaucoup de se développer. Mirella maîtrise extrêmement son sujet et sait le rendre intéressant. Bravo! J’ai beaucoup apprécié.

As someone who did not really know what I was about to experience. I felt like I was thrown in the deep end of the pool but with a lifeguard watching my every move and making me feel safe. I learned the difference between coaching and managing, a diff I did not realize existed before. The exercises were great practice to understand the technique and see where your weaknesses /bad habits reside. The pacing and flow are quite dynamic, found that the videos also helped me put the method into context. As for my personal experience, I was def challenged, and was able to be coached in the diff exercise which was a bit overwhelming, but allowed me to discover part of what has been holding me back. I feel lucky to have been given the gift of this course from my employer and look forward to continuing my coaching growth.

Excellente formation! Je suggère que ce cours soit donné aux nouveaux gestionnaires et aux employés en voie de devenir gestionnaire!

The program is well thought out and I appreciate the various tools that are used to deliver the course content. Mirella is a true professional. The content of the course was delivered in a way that is truly impactful and memorable.

Excellent cours! Le contenu est très bien structuré et le rythme était bon. Mirella est une excellente animatrice et a une belle interaction avec le groupe.

Excellent concepts. Well-described program. Good balance of theory and practice. Mirella has an amazing way with words. She makes it sound so easy! A pleasure listening and practicing with her for 2 day!

A complete eye opener for me; we do not realize the power of it. I listen to the essence of coaching as power to grow in the organization. Mirella was very knowledgeable, professional, communicative, and able to translate improvement to different corporate cultures.

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