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Invited Keynote Speaker at Stikeman Elliott, December 2015

Mirella was invited to share her thoughts on employee wellbeing to a group of leaders invited by Stikeman Elliott. In attendance were Stikeman Elliott’s group of professionals as well. Mirella spoke about integrity in the workplace, and how leaders ought to focus greater attention in the use of their words and actions to motivate and inspire. She also called for greater presence in the here and now. Her message of finding moments of insights in everyday life resounded with audience members. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: “I usually tell people to get out of their minds and into the moment where they find themselves. In essence, I tell them to get into their lives. I share a point of view that goes something like this: Finding solutions to our challenges lie not in the dialogue we have in our mind, but in noticing how things really are IN THE HERE AND NOW… To learn more about her talk entitled: Focused Attention: The Path toward integrity, please contact us.

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