Provide newly identified managers with specific management and leadership skills required to engage in conflict resolution, course correction, development of talent, manage priorities, as well as assign and hold accountable people to their tasks and responsibilities. Newly appointed managers would also learn how to incorporate the company’s leadership brand in their daily activities, and encourage it across the organization.


Two complementary approaches are used:

  •  A training model that focuses on maximizing knowledge transfer
  •  A group coaching approach focusing on “working through the gap”

A Program Tailor Made to your Needs in FIVE Phases with Feedback Loops to Higher Management to Assess Progress


  • Training needs: Management, leadership and communication training needs are gathered using semi-structured interviews conducted with managers’ supervisors.
  •  Individual characteristics: Completion of on-line assessments to determine communication, leadership and/or behavioral styles.
Phase one

Workshop Development

  • Workshop content incorporates company’s leadership brand
Phase two

Live Workshops (5Modules) focusing on

  • Management and leadership differences
  • Role of context and environment on managing and leading
  • Management and leadership skills optimized in relation to business results
  • Awareness of personal communication style and its impact on behaviors
Phase three

Group Coaching Sessions

  • Guide managers in working through their personal and group gaps in relation to management and leadership
Phase four

Pod Coaching Sessions

  • Create opportunities for cross divisional and cross functional peer support in sustaining learning and development.
Phase five


Phase one

  • Qualitative need assessment report
  • Debrief of personal assessment results

Phase two

  • Content tailored to meet corporate vision and brand

Phase three

  •  Take home exercises, and follow-up feedback
  •  Workshop evaluation reports following each Module

Phase four

  •  Development of the Personal Action Plan (PAP) and Team Leadership ActionPlan(T-LAP)
  •  Session evaluation reports

Phase five

  •  Sharing of the PAP with colleagues in the group
  • Workon T-LAP together
  •  Session evaluation reports