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Margaux Roncière: Young leader making a difference in the world

Margaux Roncière is sixteen years old and currently in Secondary 4 at Collège Ste-Anne de Lachine. Her keen eye for beauty and simplicity is captured in her paintings of landscapes. She began painting when she was 8 years old, and it has become for her a means of celebrating life, giving, and communion with nature and people. Margaux also has a passion for community service and at the young age of 7 she raised over $1200 to purchase live stock for a community in Bangladesh. In 2017, Margaux teamed up with Papillon MDC Inc. in helping women in Senegal develop their leadership skills to market their soaps. She designed and developed stories that capture the competencies young women require to benefit from the wisdom and experience of their mentors. Her artwork was part of the story-telling for these women. Margaux’s artwork was also on display at the Radix art exhibition, (, organized by Sandy Cavallo of Cavallo Design.

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