Solidify collaborative partnerships among team members.


Two complementary styles of facilitation are used:

  • A coach approach

The facilitator listens to the language used by the group; integrates the leadership brand at every possible opportunity; and models positive ways of interacting with others.

  • A model that focuses on maximizing knowledge transfer

Through theory, self-reflection, and practice exercises, participants gain an understanding of their own dynamics in terms of:

  • Communication Style
  • Mind-traps that prevent them from being successful as leaders
  • Collaborative attitudes
  • Behavioral habits that bring about team and business success


Each participant will learn to:

  • Develop a deep appreciation for each other
  • Consider all relevant facts and opinions when understanding events, situations, and problems
  • Develop a deep commitment to discussing risky issues despite the anticipation of emotional discomfort
  • Exercise mutual control in ways that enables everyone to influence without authority


Communication Styles: Know my Style

  • Learn how to “flex” their unique communication style to be
  • Learn about habits of attention
Phase one

Irrational Beliefs: Dispute my Thinking

  • Learn how to work with common irrational beliefs that hold back optimal functioning
  • Learn how to dispute these beliefs as a group
Phase two

Shift Mindset for Organizational Success: Share my Role and Responsibilities

  • Learn the four factors that determine collaborative attitudes in relation to accountabilities
  • Gain awareness of the process to support team success
Phase three

Team Charter: Align with my colleagues

  • Develop a Team Charter that aligns intention and goals
  • Identify key behavioral habits that bring about business success
Phase four


Phase one

  • Use language to convey a collaborative mindset

Phase two

  • Identify personal mind traps and their impact on choices and decisions

Phase three

  • Broaden their impact on the team by increasing their role flexibility and adaptability

Phase four

  • Develop a Team Charter that outlines behavioral habits and accountabilities