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Navigational Conversations™

Learning to be a great navigational coach involves thinking differently, learning new skills, listening to intuition, exercising restraint, developing wisdom and being willing to practice. This two-day program is interactive and helps participants experience true coaching conversations.

Optimizing Accountability in Self, Others and Teams™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Provide knowledge and skills on how to drive personal and collective accountability in a manner that leads to effective decision-making and ensures team alignment toward organizational viability. APPROACH Psychology of Leadership Managers are encouraged to work on their own and in dyads to: (1) Develop skills ineffective decision-making and moving past […]

The Development Strategies Model: An Exclusive™

The Development Strategies Model: An Exclusive™ PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Many companies are faced with the following challenge: Their leaders have mastered the art of problem solving at the expense of developing the ability in their team members to do their “development strategies” to improve employee performance, engagement, and overall well-being. By implementing a tailor-made […]

Management & Leadership Optimization Program™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Provide newly identified managers with specific management and leadership skills required to engage in conflict resolution, course correction, development of talent, manage priorities, as well as assign and hold accountable people to their tasks and responsibilities. Newly appointed managers would also learn how to incorporate the company’s leadership brand in their […]

Optimizing Team Leadership Through Design™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Prepare teams to truly leverage their collective wisdom to drive the business forward and ensure positive growth by optimizing their skills as a team and leveraging their Board. How? By providing knowledge and skills that allow leaders to function more effectively as ONE team when exploring common key tensions that can […]

Impactful Conversations: Learning to Give and Receive Feedback™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Provide knowledge and skills on how to receive and give feedback regarding behavioral habits and attitudes in a manner that leads to optimal outcomes for both the receiver and the giver. The insights gained can be applied in a performance appraisal context as well as any other feedback situation. APPROACH Based […]

The Collaboration Model: Building Strong Partnerships™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Solidify a leadership team that embodies a collaborative mindset in how colleagues work toward the future as opposed to feeling stuck in their business challenges. APPROACH Utilize Mindfulness Practices Related to Increasing Self-recognition, Self-awareness, and Other AwarenessUnderstand participants’ current mindset and create “moments of insight”. Maximize and Sustain LearningGain knowledge about […]

The Alignment Project™

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Solidify collaborative partnerships among team members. APPROACH Two complementary styles of facilitation are used: A coach approach The facilitator listens to the language used by the group; integrates the leadership brand at every possible opportunity; and models positive ways of interacting with others. A model that focuses on maximizing knowledge transfer […]

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