Dr. Mirella De Civita mentioned in La Presse article, May 1, 2020

In life, as in leadership, your talents, knowledge, skills, actions and words impact the people around you. Having presence of mind allows you then to make the choice of HOW you wish to show up for the world. Dr. Mirella De Civita was recently mentioned in a La Presse article, having played a part in […]

Margaux Roncière, Papillon MDC Mentee, Receives Largest Undergrad Scholarship in Canada

At 20 years old, Margaux Roncière is proving that when passion meets purpose, the sky’s the limit. Papillon MDC has been mentoring Margaux since 2016, harnessing her artistic talents and social conscience to, among other initiatives, illustrate a competencies guide for young women entrepreneurs in Senegal. Margaux has recently received the wonderful news that she […]

New book launch by Georgette Damian Lopez

Our esteemed client, Georgette Damian Lopez, CEO and Founder of Knowledge from the Heart has recently launched a book which includes her incredibly journey and outlines the practices everyone can apply to live an awakened life. Is it possible to live awakened and aware every day? Not only is it possible, it happens all the […]

Burn-on or Burn-out? A Mindfulness Strategy to Decrease Burnout – Article by Dr. Mirella De Civita for Training Industry

Dr. Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC (Grand Heron International) has recently been invited to contribute an article on mindfulness and its impact on burnout for leading business earning organization, Training Industry. In her article, Dr. De Civita discusses how the practice of mindfulness strengthens our psychological flexibility, allows us to notice what is […]