The Courage to Fall Into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence

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Some remain paralyzed by their hardships, others flounder along while waiting for inspiration, and many more are mired in logical processes and mind games that never seem to satisfy the hunger for a fuller, more meaningful life. Getting out of these traps calls for a different kind of courage. In a modern culture that seems to be in denial over the value of failure, most people will never deliberately take the risk. Through her own story of personal tragedy, Mirella De Civita takes us through a remarkable transformation from being a devoted research psychologist and business consultant to shedding her Teflon skin and finding her true calling as a successful Executive Coach, helping leaders transform and take flight in their lives and career. Triggered by an innocent question from her own 3 year old daughter, De Civita pushed the boundaries of her own suffering and discovered how to pay fierce attention to life. With a keen professional interpretation, she blends academics and the great spiritual teachings to arrive at 5 simple truths that will astound and inspire. Those finding themselves on the verge of making a major career change will find the creative energy and the emotional power of this book is all that they need to find the courage to awaken to all that life can be.