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Rethinking Leadership

Looking up   “…unless top management has the trust of the people, no REAL change will occur.”

Management consultants aim at changing the ethos of a corporation through the engagement of top management. Although there is an abundance of research suggesting that top management ought to be included in order for change to occur, it is also true that unless top management has the trust of the people, no REAL change will occur. Trust requires genuine engagement of people. Top management that relies on a top-down approach are more effective at securing compliance than at fostering genuine commitment. Genuine commitment calls for joint brainstorming on what is best for the corporation and what new behaviors will get us there as one team, as well as deep thinking on our shared sense of responsibility.
  Learn how we engage top management in driving genuine engagement and achieving the unwavering commitment of the people through our Collaboration Model: Building Strong Partnerships™ Program.

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