Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a professional partnership between a certified coach and a business leader designed to maximize personal and professional potential using a thought-provoking process. It is viewed as a collaborative alliance focused on change and transformation. Executive coaching is delivered in a one-on-one format, upholding confidentiality.

Although executive coaching is inspired and takes the best from social sciences, this professional service should not be confused with psychotherapy or counseling. Distinct from these other services, executive coaching is viewed as a co-creative equal relationship, helping individuals who are not suffering from emotional pain (ie requires clinical intervention) work toward attainable goals and possibilities and who desire to push their potential to the next level.

Papillon MDC Inc.’s targeted executive coaching programs are unique in the marketplace because they:

  • Marry the latest scientific research stemming from the psychology of mindfulness and positive functioning with a coaching mindset and approach
  • Consider the complexities inherent in organizations as well as the role of leaders in maximizing their effectiveness and overall contributions
  • Employ solution-focused techniques to help leaders become aware of how they think and feel about themselves and their place of work
  • Bring into the coaching interaction a mindfulness presence in how and when solution-focused techniques are employed
  • Quantify the leader’s progress toward his or her established coaching goal through our Return On Investment (ROI) metric
  • Prepare leaders in advance for experiencing the coaching process by clarifying expectations, notions of confidentiality, and ownership. Leaders are expected to take full ownership of their coaching journey
  • Ensure strong organizational support from managers throughout the process
  • Hold leaders accountable for their coaching goal
  • Integrates the psychology of mindfulness, and acceptance & commitment practices in how we listen and question for the sole purpose of helping leaders change the relationship they hold with their thoughts and feelings; thereby, creating greater psychological flexibility to move themselves toward their coaching goal. Their coaching goal is the desired state they define at the start of their process, and learn how to move closer by taking actions that are observable and quantifiable.

This unique approach, exclusive to Papillon MDC Inc, provides leaders with a powerful forum to own their development, sustain change and, ultimately transform and…take flight in their careers!

Our programs include:

  1. Creation of a personalized development plan
  2. Two to three monthly intense one-on-one sessions with individual leader
  3. Unique and exclusive ROI® metric embedded in all of our programs
  4. Three-way sessions with coach, leader, and his/her manager to ensure support to the leader
  5. Unlimited email and phone support between sessions
  6. Booster session three months following program completion

The Programs

Accelerate Integration Coaching Program

Target Audience: Newly appointed or promoted leaders, as well as those who have been transferred to a different business unit/department.

Goal: Facilitate and accelerate the leader’s integration in his/her new role by providing support and guidance, while ensuring a clear understanding of responsibilities, processes, and cultural values/norms.

Benefits: The leader experiences optimal performance, alignment, and team effectiveness by leveraging his/her strengths and addressing possible derailers early on in the process of integration. In addition, the leader is able to successfully own his/her place within the organization through the formation of partnerships with key stakeholders.

Optimize Performance Coaching Program

Target Audience: High potential and high achievers/performers across the organization. Also helpful for high-performing leaders who have lost sight of how to move their performance forward.

Goal: Guide already successful leaders to maximize their potential and achieve even higher levels of performance.

Benefits: The leader gains clarity on habits and ways of thinking that contribute or derail from optimal performance in relation to organizational goals. In addition, the leader is able to appreciate his/her impact on teams and business targets, and to work toward improvement and/or sustainability of optimal influence.

Purposeful Career Coaching Program

Target Audience: Emerging leaders, newly established leaders in current position within the last 2 years, as well as identified top talent.

Goal: Help leaders realize their full potential and work toward continual sustainability within the context of the organization’s vision and objectives.

Benefits: The leader gains awareness of his/her strengths in relation to organizational goals, and works toward sustaining them despite challenges. In addition, the leader becomes empowered to leverage newly identified potential.

Develop & Sustain Talent Coaching Program

Target Audience: Emerging leaders, newly established leaders in current position within the last 2 years, as well as identified top talent.

Goal: Help leaders realize their full potential and work toward continual sustainability within the context of the organization’s vision and objectives.

Benefits: The leader gains awareness of his/her strengths in relation to organizational goals, and works toward sustaining them despite challenges. In addition, the leader becomes empowered to leverage newly identified potential.

C-Suite Coaching Program

Target Audience: CEOs, Presidents, CFOs; CMOs; COOs, and EVP or SVPs.

Goal: Challenge and sharpen the awareness of the leader regarding his/her role in responding to the demands of organization as well as in contributing to creating the proper ethos for the organization.

Benefits: The leader gains a deeper, broader, and clearer understanding of the issues he/she faces in his/her role, and the capacity to respond effectively.

Executive Sounding Board™

The Executive Sounding Board Program™ is designed to support leaders in their decision-making process. Leaders who have experienced the benefits of a coaching program, appreciate having access to their coaches on a needs basis. Often such leaders will tend to reach out to their coaches for support during challenging work-related situations. The coach’s role is to provide the structure and function to the coaching conversation; thereby, allowing the leader to arrive at his/her own decisions and conclusions. The program also enables coaches to partner with the leader in co-creating different solutions by either providing the leader with interesting and relevant information to consider or offering suggestions in a manner that enables the leader to contemplate and reflect on the whole prior to making his/her decision.

Target audience: Executives who have already experienced a coaching program, and desire to have access to a coach on a needs basis. A specific number of hours is assigned at the start of the program.

Goal: By having access to his/her coach on a needs basis, the leader creates opportunities to discuss, reflect, and to engage in a constructive dialogue around what he/she needs to accomplish in relation to his/her leadership position.

Benefits: Depending on how the sessions are leveraged, the leader can expect to broaden his/her perspective of challenges and personal impact; continue to sharpen his/her abilities and skills in relation to managing leadership challenges effectively; and strengthen his/her accountability to the leadership role within the organization.


Human Resources Manager, Finance & Tech

Dr. Mirella was professional and a true expert in the field. In this new virtual environment, we wanted to provide a space to support our employees and the wellness webinars did just that. The team was easy to work with and adapted to all our needs.

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Je suis encore impressionnée par la capacité de Mirella à saisir les défis auxquels je faisais face et me faire cheminer rapidement et efficacement. Son professionnalisme et sa grande expertise sont des alliés incroyables. En plus d’offrir des solutions pertinentes elle sait toucher les gens et les faire grandir. Je...

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Global Leader, Aerospace Industry

I have known Mirella for many years and value her insights and unique views on  leadership development. She has taken on several coaching mandates and has been highly successful in growing our talents. Given her high expertize and credibility in the organization, we have invited Mirella as a guest speaker...

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Vincent D., Director, Loyalty Marketing

I had the pleasure to meet Louis for coaching related to Chief executive’s approaches, what they have top of mind, clarify what their ultimate goals are, how I can interact better with them and understand better their situation as the company leaders. He brought personal life examples with a touch...

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P.R., General Manager, AIMIA

Louis is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He truly takes the time to ensure that you feel 100% heard and understood. His personality combined with his experience and knowledge make his coaching tailored and authentic. I’m confident that if you make a commitment to Louis...

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J’ai été en contact avec Louis au cours des 4 dernières années. Sa disponibilité et ses retours rapides le caractérisent. Il aide à remettre en question certains paradigmes, sujets, et convictions. Ses conseils sont toujours à point et d’une grande perspicacité. C’est un plaisir d’avoir Louis comme coach. J’en ai...

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Louis was a great coach. Helped clear out the fog that was surrounding my current situation so that I could see which avenues I could take so that I could continue to move forward with achieving the objectives I have set for myself.

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Mirella, thank you for listening to me when we met. You didn’t judge me; you just listened and was on high alert to help me immediately. You are the one who guided me to the right person who you felt would be able to help me. I have grown and...

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J.M., First Vice-President Investment Financial Institution

Mirella has a smooth and effective way to help an Alpha personality put his ego into his pocket and see the benefit of modifying one’s own behavior. She can help even the most intense individuals develop improved interpersonal skills! The objectives of the coaching sessions were clearly stated and the...

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M.F., Former General Manager, Digital Experience Loyalty Company

Working with Mirella proved to be an invaluable, transformational experience. Her ability to fully understand people’s motivations and behaviours, and how they interact within complex inner-company dynamics, made every conversation with her enlightening. She guides significant self-reflection and provides useful tools while ensuring that the coaching experience translates into tangible...

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Anne E. Primeau, Director of Human Resources (retired)

In my former role as Director of Human Resources, I valued Mirella’s contributions as a business psychologist and executive coach in developing our key talent. I received very positive feedback from the individual executives she worked with and also from their individual managers following their 3-way coaching sessions. Mirella exemplified...

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M.N. Ancien Directeur Général, Non-profit organization

Mon expérience de Coaching avec Mirella fût des plus enrichissantes. C’était ma première expérience de travail avec un Conseil D’administration et les échanges avec Mirella m’ont permis de transformer de 100% mes relations avec mon CA. De plus, elle m’a aussi permis de renforcer mon leadership et d’améliorer la rapidité...

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J’avais le choix dans le cadre de ma transition de carrière de travailler avec qui je voulais. Je connaissais Mirella puisque j’étais déjà une cliente corporative. L’approche unique de Mirella en matière de transition de carrière, sa profondeur comme coach et la qualité de ses interventions m’ont permis d’abord de...

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A past and future client

I retained Mirella on a number of mandates and I offer an unconditional positive testimony. Mirella has the usual essential prerequisites of a professional expert at her level: impeccable education, schooling and a capacity to work in English and French. Time and time again, Mirella demonstrated deep humanity and profound...

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Executive and General Manager, Aerospace and Transport Industry

Mirella is a gift to people who are willing to be coached. She is sharp, rigorous and disciplined and extremely generous of her insights, experiences and advises. She brings Courage back in the game. Under her guidance, I was brought into a transformation journey that impacted my professional and personal...

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A business professional

Mirella’s approach is clear and straightforward. She is very thorough and very respectful at the same time. She is able to see the best in every person. My coaching with Mirella has been an extremely positive experience.

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L.B., President, Consulting firm

Having known Mirella for 6 years, having seen her coach Executives and having been coached professionally by her, I knew what to expect when I embarked on the “Purposeful Career Coaching” journey: an intuitive yet professionally trained coach with a Psychology background, able to understand people like no others, relentless...

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K.H. VP, International Sourcing

Through Mirella’s guidance, I was able to step back from the everyday fast pace schedule and reflect on my decisions, my way to deal with people and grow to be a more effective communicator and leader. I always look forward to our sessions (which I have missed since the ending...

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C-Level Executive, Global Firm

Although I have always been a big supporter of coaching programs, I was dubious of the effectiveness of coaching programs that were led by others who did not have deep expertise in the industry, leadership, etc. I was so happy that I took a chance to try Papillon MDC Inc....

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Jon Reider, Senior Executive, Consultant

I was very fortunate to meet Mirella through an interview process almost 10 years ago and was immediately taken by her sense of goodness, her impeccable professionalism, and her amazing insight. What sets her apart from the pack is her continued interest in your wellbeing and her genuine concern for...

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JPL, Executive, Consulting

Working with Mirella was a life changing experience. I would recommend her to any executive who feel stuck and not afraid to challenge some of his/her deeply rooted beliefs.

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Senior VP Customer Service – technology firm

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mirella who has been my coach for the last 2 years. In my long career, I was exposed to various firms/coaches; none of them of the caliber of Mirella and her team. The approach is professional, direct, with a clear framework....

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Lorsque j’ai été nommé à un poste exécutif siégeant au comité de direction, j’ai eu la chance d’avoir Mirella pour aider à faire la transition vers ce poste. Son accompagnement m’a permis de faire cette transition avec un très grand succès. Sa grande écoute, son approche et son expertise ont...

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Président: Fabrication – Distribution

Travailler avec Mirella, c’est accepter de bûcher. C’est accepter de se faire challenger. C’est accepter que tes questions, c’est seulement toi qui peut les solutionner. C’est accepter que tout ne se fait pas dans l’instantanéité. C’est accepter que tu peux parfois te tromper. C’est accepter que tu peux et que...

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