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When you complete one of our Leadership Programs in person or through our E-Learning Platform you can download a Certificate of Completion that is accepted as part of developing your leadership competencies in your professional area and a receipt will allow you to get a tax credit reimbursement.

Navigational Conversations™

Learning to be a great navigational coach involves thinking differently, learning new skills, listening to intuition, exercising restraint, developing wisdom and being willing to practice. This two-day program is interactive and helps participants experience true coaching conversations.
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Impactful Conversations: Learning to Give and Receive Feedback™

As a manager, an important aspect of your job is developing the abilities in others to engage in their work with a mindset to excel and flourish. This requires paying attention to their performance, and helping them optimize their skills by ensuring they have proper training, clear direction, and access to resources.
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BrandYOU! Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the Market™

The BrandYOU! Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the Market™ program aims at helping leaders shift their mindset from seeing themselves as a “product” to seeing themselves as “buyers” of their next job position. Far too often job seekers position themselves as a product where recruiters get to weigh the pros and cons of them being hired.
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