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Marina Dikova is a management consultant in leadership development with extensive experience in planning, managing and evaluating talent-based programs. She applies her knowledge acquired from diverse business areas to develop approaches to team effectiveness as well as to identify competencies related to specific positions. She uses her interview skills to evaluate employee satisfaction and engagement and to then articulate recommendations for overcoming organizational challenges. Her academic and professional background allows her to grasp and identify work-related obstacles impeding the full expression of one’s potential. Marina has worked with leaders from medium and large organizations at the national and international levels in improving their contextual work environment. Marina’s interests include humanitarian and international aid sectors and the not-for-profit organisations. She is therefore responsible for overseeing Papillon MDC Inc.’s involvement in social causes that have widespread implications, and spearheads its Corporate Social Responsibility program aimed at increasing empowerment and well-being in communities worldwide. Before joining Papillon MDC Inc. she held positions in organizations in Canada and abroad, among which include LHH Knightsbridge and National Bank of Canada.

Marina’s Unique Style

Marina combines passion and energy in helping clients achieve their objectives and fosters trusting professional relationships with clients and colleagues alike. She believes that people accomplish more when they are inspired by what they are doing and when they are happy at their workplace. In her mandates she works towards contributing to that increased sense of satisfaction and happiness in the organizations.

Professional Background

  • Post Graduate Degree in International trade, Université de Paris – Sorbonne
  • Master’s Degree in Administration, Université de Paris – Sorbonne,
  • Certified in the Birkman Method

Marina Dikova is based in Montreal, Canada. You can download her bio here


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