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Nader is an e-learning and facilitation consultant, strategist and change management expert, researcher, and career coach. His expertise in e-learning and educational technology provides him with an innovative edge to improving the learning process for leaders. With over 12 years of experience in automation, digitization, e-content, and e-learning, Nader enables new learning channels to emerge for clients for Papillon MDC Inc. around the globe. Nader has offered his consultancy to leaders of various industries, from higher and vocational education, to IT professionals, and government human resources at national levels.

Nader’s Unique Style

Nader’s consulting style rests firmly on the principles of adaptive leadership and servant leadership. Adaptive leadership allows the leader to arrive at his/her decisions by repeating a cycle of three steps: Observation, Interpretation, and Intervention. It relies on techniques that allow the leader to observe objectively, interpret using multiple perspectives, and inspire his/her team to play a key role in how issues are resolved. The servant perspective of leadership is experienced through Nader’s insightful approach toward helping leaders discover for themselves what truly brings them alive in their work.

Professional Background

  • Ph.D. Candidate in Higher Education Administration – University of Phoenix
  • Masters in Educational Technology – University of Southern Queensland
  • Bachelors in Physics- American University of Beirut

Nader enjoys leveraging his background in physics when writing about and designing leadership programs that invite leaders to see beyond crisis and chaos. He also brings a wealth of knowledge in e-learning content development and e-learning platforms that come together in the design of the e-learning experience; thereby, providing the end user with opportunities to experience moments of insights. His passion for improving the e-learning experience has led him to pursue doctoral studies in addressing the challenges facing quality assurance and return on investment for the end user of e-learning. Nader Daou is based in Montreal, Canada. You can download Nader’s bio here


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