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Nathalie Doré is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with extensive experience in learning development, facilitation, and leadership development. She is also a Certified Human Resource Professional, and a professional NLP Coach. She works with managers and directors from middle to large sized organizations in helping them achieve their desired goals. Her clients include leaders promoted to a management position, leaders in transition or wanting to gain a deeper, broader, and clearer understanding of the issues facing their role, and the capacity to respond effectively.

Nathalie’s Unique Style

Using her extensive knowledge of how people learn and develop, she gets her clients to understand the challenges they are facing and to find the most efficient path toward finding their own solutions. A systems-thinker with keen analytical skills, Nathalie also uses her intuition to identify patterns or limiting beliefs that prevent a leader from achieving his or her goals. Calm, perceptive and curious, she uses powerful questions to illicit clear thinking and broaden the perception of a given situation. Nathalie’s combination of mindfulness with solution-focused techniques allows her clients to achieve their intended coaching goal much faster than they would on their own. Her extraordinary presence, cultivated through neurolinguistics training and a daily meditation practice, allows leaders to become aware of their habits, beliefs and how they feel about themselves and their place of work. Her ability to quickly recognize the systemic implications of her client’s issues helps them understand the impact of their actions on the entire organization. She quickly builds rapport, creating a space for leaders to express themselves in confidence knowing that they will be heard and understood. Known for her integrity and courage to challenge leaders to explore reality in a way that gets them to move beyond their perceived limitations, Nathalie knows how to elegantly balance inquiry and action.

Professional Background

  • M.Ed. – University of Sherbrooke
  • Certified Professional NLP Coach, CQPNL
  • Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University
  • Certified Human Resources Professional, Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines du Québec (ORHRI)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Brain-Based Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC), MEECO Leadership Institute™, US

An avid networker, Nathalie is an active member of many professional organizations where she is regularly invited to speak on the topic of learning transfer and employee engagement.

Ms. Doré is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


You can download Nathalie’s bio here


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