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Valerie Legge is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a passion for ongoing learning that has led her from a successful career as a professional musician to training in Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Mind/Body practices. A whole-person approach is obvious in all that she undertakes; coupled with the unshakeable belief that her clients already have the deep inner resources they need to thrive. Valerie specializes in coaching through transitions, supporting her clients to make positive changes in their professional and personal lives. Valerie has trained managers across all levels of organizations on how to incorporate elements of a Coach Approach for individual and team leadership.

Valerie’s Unique Style

Valerie coaches with a style that is warm, gentle and respectful. Her training as a Solution-Focused coach is based in mindfulness and is coupled with a deep understanding of how change occurs. With these anchors, she supports her clients in clarifying what they really want, expanding their personal awareness and discovering new and empowering perspectives. Her clients are enabled to move through challenges and make decisions in alignment with their highest values. During leadership workshops, her coaching approach is experienced through her questioning and holding the team accountable to engage in the work and grow.

Professional Background

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certification in Positive Psychology (CiPP), Wholebeing Institute
  • NLP Practitioner, Erickson College International
  • Clinical Studies in Mind/Body Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • The Art and Science of Coaching (ACC), Erickson College International
  • Certification in Teaching English as a Second Language, ALI

Valerie’s diverse background and wide-ranging experiences are informed by her values of connection, communication, creativity and contribution. In addition to engaging in work, she can often be found exploring her interests in travel, intercultural connections and neuroscience. Valerie Legge is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.    You can download her bio here


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