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The Building Blocks of Leadership in a Purpose-Driven Business

I have been in the apparel industry for several years, absorbing as much information as possible along the way and continuously learning to this very day. My leadership has also transformed and evolved due to this. Today, I lead an apparel business founded on purpose, with a clear mission and vision that reflect my own […]

The day I decided to stop being a conforming chameleon

conforming chameleon

Our keen ability to blend in may have become such an instinctive ritual for so many of us, that I’ll use it as the excuse for having spent the beginning of my own career as a “conforming chameleon.” As the eager-to-please (and younger) version of myself, I chose to adapt to organizations without purpose-driven missions […]

Amazing things happen when purpose drives your business

There’s a lot of talk about purpose these days and it seems like the ‘new fad’. I believe it is actually the new paradigm and we are on its tipping point. Society has evolved so much over the past few years, expectations have shifted, employees, consumers, stakeholders alike expect more of organizations in terms of […]

Make Purpose Your Business*

Purpose is the essence of what gives substantive meaning to why we deliberately choose to do the work we do. This isn’t about strategy. And, it sure isn’t about putting profits ahead of purpose. In fact, defining the purpose of your business drives its financial well-being because it inspires people to bring forth the very […]

Purposeful Self-Awareness: What Have You Signed Up To Do?


Most of us go through life not paying attention to our inner voice, barely audible due to our focus on getting things done. And, if we hear a whisper, we quickly shift our attention toward the things we have convinced ourselves are more important. In fact, we often confuse what is immediately important with what […]

My Journey From There to Here: Finding Purpose

I guess my dad always had a knack for knowing how to give without being asked. No matter how little he had on him, he always felt richer by the sheer fact of having more than the person in front of him in that very moment. I remember many instances of my dad stopping to […]

As MEECO 2018 Wraps Up…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] This was my first time attending the MEECO Conference and I was inspired and compelled to share my thoughts on my amazing experience in Estes park Colorado. So before I boarded my plane on my way home late last night, I decided to write on a piece of paper my main takeaways that have left a lasting […]

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