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Mirella was a collaborator on several projects, including work funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Initiative for Improved Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis. She helped formulate the methods for surveys and focus group discussions, as well as expertly moderating both focus groups and a very important ‘Café Scientifique’ funded by the CIHR. In my grant applications, she has provided important input to ensure sound design in qualitative research methods, and creativity in knowledge transfer. Mirella was a critical player in the success of our implementation of some initiatives to improve service delivery in rheumatology at the McGill University Health Centre. Moreover, she is an excellent writer, both as primary author and co-author of scientific abstracts and publications.

I had the pleasure to work with Mirella on a Leadership Initiative that our company launched over two years ago. It is rare to find an individual that can “deliver the goods” in precisely the way that she outlined from the very beginning of the process. She was able to keep our team focused on the big picture with a slow but steady approach. Most importantly, Mirella provided us with tools to continue building upon our initial success without her involvement.

I had a chance to work with Mirella on different occasions. What struck me was the fact that there was nothing in common in those coaching mandates: different issues, different goals. I realized that Mirella’s effectiveness does not depend on a specific type of intervention. In each she was capable to go deep to the root cause of behaviours. The coachees were provided thoughtful questions to evolve their leadership to the next level. She does not only work on the "what to do" but also on the "why we act a certain way". This leads to long-lasting personal development.

My professional experiences with Mirella De Civita have been nothing less than outstanding. She provides such valuable insights and places a strong emphasis on building partnerships that last a lifetime. Her extensive academic background, coupled with her strong professional experiences, have proven very valuable in my interventions with Mirella. She is such a pleasure to partner with!

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mirella who has been my coach for the last 2 years.
In my long career, I was exposed to various firms/coaches; none of them of the caliber of Mirella and her team.
The approach is professional, direct, with a clear framework. Mirella really coaches... not just principles: she provides direction, she doesn't sugar coat ... I have grown as a leader and as an individual.
Best experience of my career!

5 minutes after our first meeting, I already knew that Mirella was the type that would make significant differences in people's life. My instant judgment has been proven quite accurate over the last several years. She is not only an outstanding coach with extensive knowledge and solid expertise, but also one of the most decent individuals who genuinely care for people in life. She holds the highest ethical and professional standards in the quality service she provides. Her drive to bring the best in people, her integrity and strong values and her charming personality makes her a real gem in the coaching world. I thoroughly enjoy my professional interaction with her and greatly appreciate the value she has brought to Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Mirella is a gift to people who are willing to be coached. She is sharp, rigorous and disciplined and extremely generous of her insights, experiences and advises. She brings Courage back in the game. Under her guidance, I was brought into a transformation journey that impacted my professional and personal life permanently and positively. The title of her book says it all… ‘The courage to fall into life’ is a testimony of her ability to push professionals and executives out of their comfortable nest into something much bigger.

I have known Dr. Mirella De Civita for over 15 years. She completed a 3 year post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University back in 2005 under my mentorship. She was awarded a CIHR fellowship to study children suffering from arthritis with a multidisciplinary team. Dr. De Civita was creative, diligent, and effective. We published many journal articles together in the area of pediatric medicine, quality of life in chronic disease populations, and health outcomes in adults living with a chronic health condition. Integrity could be Dr. De Civita’s middle name, while Creative and Productive could be her first and last names, respectively. You will get more than you expect from her. She is a joy to work with and will remain my colleague and friend for many years to come.

Integrity could be Dr. De Civita’s middle name, while Creative and Productive could be her first and last names, respectively. You will get more than you expect from her...

Professionally and personally, Mirella’s commitment and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The high standard of ethics to which she holds herself accountable create a foundation on which powerful workshops and material can be developed to support learning and excellence for all.

It was my honor to meet Mirella when I underwent an individual psychometric assessment followed by a debrief with our CEO as a part of a standard induction process for incoming senior executives. The process was illuminating and highly productive in improving me as a leader and in fine tuning our executive team’s interaction. For our global company I found the virtual approach leveraging online testing and video teleconferencing to be an ideal answer to scheduling and time zone complexities while maintaining high quality interactions.
It should be noted that Mirella has an uncanny capacity to understand us and dissect from our essence what is and what is not working. Likewise, she is highly skillful and creative in suggesting approaches for improvement. I found it a truly unique approach vs the typical, popular teaming and coaching methods I’ve experience in past positions. It is always a pleasure to meet and work with someone like Mirella who is truly exceptional at what they do. For me it was has been a memorable experience which continues to yield benefits.

Although I have always been a big supporter of coaching programs, I was dubious of the effectiveness of coaching programs that were led by others who did not have deep expertise in the industry, leadership, etc. I was so happy that I took a chance to try Papillon MDC Inc. – besides driving my performance to other levels that were consistent with my style; I used Papillon MDC Inc. with other members of my executive team with results that were perceptible in the first months of the program. Mirella and her team ensured that everyone had the right kind of match – all professionals but the match was important to ensure the program would be as effective as possible. As further value, Mirella and her staff are dedicated to the sustainable growth of every individual - they put in countless extra hours after the coaching program is over to ensure you have continuity in owning your own path to be self-reliant.

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