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Je suis encore impressionnée par la capacité de Mirella à saisir les défis auxquels je faisais face et me faire cheminer rapidement et efficacement. Son professionnalisme et sa grande expertise sont des alliés incroyables. En plus d’offrir des solutions pertinentes elle sait toucher les gens et les faire grandir. Je la recommande chaleureusement, particulièrement si vous souhaitez faire un virage audacieux dans votre vie professionnelle. Elle m’a aidée à écrire mon prochain chapitre professionnel, qui s’avère être le meilleur !

I have known Mirella for many years and value her insights and unique views on  leadership development. She has taken on several coaching mandates and has been highly successful in growing our talents. Given her high expertize and credibility in the organization, we have invited Mirella as a guest speaker on several occasions around the topics of leadership, coaching, and performance management. She has the ability to engage and energize her audience at all levels of the organization and knows how to convey the difficult messages in a firm yet respectful manner. I have also partnered with Mirella to provide Navigational Coaching training In Poland and China. Again Mirella adapted quickly to her audience and the participants truly appreciated the training and remained connected with her to pursue their learning journey.

I had the pleasure to meet Louis for coaching related to Chief executive’s approaches, what they have top of mind, clarify what their ultimate goals are, how I can interact better with them and understand better their situation as the company leaders. He brought personal life examples with a touch of humour and goes beyond the standard business coaching. He helped refined my career goals, changed my team management perception and gave me more tools to accomplish my tasks as a director in a managerial role. My management style has been since; better structured, better executed and focused.

Louis is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He truly takes the time to ensure that you feel 100% heard and understood. His personality combined with his experience and knowledge make his coaching tailored and authentic. I’m confident that if you make a commitment to Louis with your time you will be rewarded with a professional and personal coaching experience.

J’ai été en contact avec Louis au cours des 4 dernières années. Sa disponibilité et ses retours rapides le caractérisent. Il aide à remettre en question certains paradigmes, sujets, et convictions. Ses conseils sont toujours à point et d’une grande perspicacité. C’est un plaisir d’avoir Louis comme coach. J’en ai bénéficié grandement.

Louis was a great coach. Helped clear out the fog that was surrounding my current situation so that I could see which avenues I could take so that I could continue to move forward with achieving the objectives I have set for myself.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mirella for almost 10 years as both a personal executive coach and as a human resource, leadership and talent management consultant. Her professionalism, insight, and integrity is unmatched by anyone that I have come across in the almost four decades of my business career. She also has the strength of character to speak truth to power and to challenge strongly held or entrenched views. Mirella was instrumental in helping us identify the right executive talent during the hiring process and identify the opportunities for coaching and support that maximized the possibility of the successful integration of new management talent into our organization. She was an invaluable resource for me personally, helping to provide valuable insights into human behavior and organizational dynamics. I know that I would not have been as successful as I have been without her encouragement and advice. I would recommend Mirella and Papillon without reservation to anyone looking for someone to help them build a successful, thriving organization by developing their most important resource, their people.

Mirella, thank you for listening to me when we met. You didn’t judge me; you just listened and was on high alert to help me immediately. You are the one who guided me to the right person who you felt would be able to help me. I have grown and I will continue to grow. You are so passionate with aiding those who choose to grow or may be on the path to a new beginning.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mirella on a coaching assignment; initially, I had placed faith in her ability to help me but sincerely at the beginning of the assignment, I couldn’t see how she could help me through. She did. More than I would have hoped for. The self-awareness I have gained from working with Mirella has helped me tremendously in my professional life but also shaped parts of my personal life as well. Thank you!

Mirella allows one to visualize characteristics about oneself that for some reason are blinded from ones sight.

It is a pleasure to work with Mirella. She is an excellent coach who helps you reach your full potential. She is extremely effective at working with you; and in helping you identify your areas of focus. She provides you with the necessary tools in helping you become better rounded and as a result more effective.

In the course of fulfilling a mandate for Mirella, we had a chance to work closely together. Mirella is extremely astute in sizing up people, allowing her to understand the essence of the issue quickly and guiding her clients towards the best course of action. I say ‘guide’ her clients because she leads you towards your own decision by providing a very effective sounding board. Mirella’s strong personal values and business ethics complement her high professional standards. I recommend Mirella without any reservation.

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