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As someone who did not really know what I was about to experience. I felt like I was thrown in the deep end of the pool but with a lifeguard watching my every move and making me feel safe. I learned the difference between coaching and managing, a diff I did not realize existed before. The exercises were great practice to understand the technique and see where your weaknesses /bad habits reside. The pacing and flow are quite dynamic, found that the videos also helped me put the method into context. As for my personal experience, I was def challenged, and was able to be coached in the diff exercise which was a bit overwhelming, but allowed me to discover part of what has been holding me back. I feel lucky to have been given the gift of this course from my employer and look forward to continuing my coaching growth.

Excellent workshop! Learning a new way of thinking following practical exercises really helped understand the coaching method. Mirella was excellent! I felt fortunate to be part of such a small personal group.

The program is excellent. It reoriented my approach for interactions, especially with team members. I have been utilizing the ‘navigational’ approach for several months now and it has been an exhilarating journey. It is such a great approach because both participants benefit in the long run.

Donne de bons outils avec des exemples concrets et pertinents. Mirella est une excellente formatrice. Elle donne des enseignements très claires, avec une bonne fluidité et une bonne interaction avec les participants.

Excellent programme! J’ai beaucoup apprécié les simulations et les exercices. Mirella nous a présenté plusieurs mises en situation. Un bon outil de travail, réaliste à appliquer dans un milieu de travail. Permet de réfléchir au type de gestionnaire que tu es. J’ai beaucoup aimé ma formation.

Excellent programme. Méthode favorisant l’ouverture et la responsabilisation des employés. Mirella est une excellente formatrice. Elle est très connaissante du sujet.

J’ai bien apprécié le programme. Il est agréable de comprendre les fondements et fonctionnements du cerveau. Mirella connaît très bien sa matière. Très bon rythme, la théorie et la pratique sont bien équilibrées. Excellent connaissance, très bien verbalisée!

Excellent plongeon dans l’univers du coaching. Approche simple, facile à retenir et à utiliser. Bravo! Enfin des fondements établis avant de livrer la technique. J’en aurais pris davantage. Mirella est très accueillante et une excellente formatrice!

Excellent programme! Beaucoup d’interactions. Mirella est dynamique et expressive. Ce programme permet de changer la manière de voir les choses et te sort de ta zone de confiance de façon positive.

The content is rich, backed up by scientific research. The flow is great and the opportunity to practice is where it sticks. Mirella is a true expert and a consummate professional. She makes everyone very comfortable to learn and make mistakes and is quick on her feet when people have challenging situations or examples to share.

I liked the balance between theory and workshop. Some courses put too much emphasis on workshops and case studies and forget the theory associated with the topic we are studying. This course had the right balance.

Very good program – theory is balanced with practice. Very good facilitator. Practical part is very helpful.

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