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Over 5100 leaders have entrusted us with their leadership journeys.
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Since 2010, we have shouldered the  leadership journeys of over 5100 leaders and over 150 organizations.

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C.J., Director, H-Qc

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of being coached by Stefano Di Lollo in my development as the leader of a large-scale technology project. Through our conversations, reflections, and discussions, I have learned to know myself better and to target actions that make a difference. Among other things, we particularly worked on collaboration in difficult situations while exploring ways to support other leaders within my organization to help them perform. Through his very human approach, his illustrations, and his experience, Stefano demonstrated his coaching knowledge with me and allowed me to see how to put the strategies I explored into practice. Thank you for this precious time spent together that made me grow as a leader!

Senior Leader

The Alignment Project Program was very helpful in identifying key issues and constructive solutions. Particularly effective in creating a shift in communication styles and understanding. Mirella did a superb job herding the cats and adding insights. Wonderful facilitation and having all engaged. The wordsmithing of the leadership team charter was very well done.

Global Leader, Aerospace Industry

I have known Mirella for many years and value her insights and unique views on  leadership development. She has taken on several coaching mandates and has been highly successful in growing our talents. Given her high expertize and credibility in the organization, we have invited Mirella as a guest speaker on several occasions around the topics of leadership, coaching, and performance management. She has the ability to engage and energize her audience at all levels of the organization and knows how to convey the difficult messages in a firm yet respectful manner. I have also partnered with Mirella to provide Navigational Coaching training In Poland and China. Again Mirella adapted quickly to her audience and the participants truly appreciated the training and remained connected with her to pursue their learning

David L Adams, Independent director, Audit Committee and HRCC Chair, previously CFO Aimia Inc

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mirella for almost 10 years as both a personal executive coach and as a human resource, leadership and talent management consultant. Her professionalism, insight, and integrity is unmatched by anyone that I have come across in the almost four decades of my business career. She also has the strength of character to speak truth to power and to challenge strongly held or entrenched views. Mirella was instrumental in helping us identify the right executive talent during the hiring process and identify the opportunities for coaching and support that maximized the possibility of the successful integration of new management talent into our organization. She was an invaluable resource for me personally, helping to provide valuable insights into human behavior and organizational dynamics. I know that I would not have been as successful as I have been without her encouragement and advice. I would recommend Mirella and Papillon without reservation to anyone looking for someone to help them build a successful, thriving organization by developing their most important resource, their

L.D., Senior Vice President, Human Resources Limited Brands Canada

My professional experiences with Mirella De Civita have been nothing less than outstanding. She provides such valuable insights and places a strong emphasis on building partnerships that last a lifetime. Her extensive academic background, coupled with her strong professional experiences, have proven very valuable in my interventions with Mirella. She is such a pleasure to partner

David Guérette, Groupe Perceptia Inc.

J’ai eu le privilège de transiger avec Madame De Civita sur différents types de mandats et chaque occasion m’a permis d’apprécier ses compétences professionnelles et personnelles. Mirella possède un réel talent à intéragir avec les gens, ce qui rend les échanges à la fois faciles et productifs. Sa capacité à cerner les besoins de ses clients, sa profondeur d’analyse, ses aptitudes à synthétiser l’information et son habileté à communiquer tous les types de messages font de Mirella, à mon avis, un partenaire d’affaires

Sandra Coffey, Founder of StratPerspective, Business Strategy Consultants

In the course of fulfilling a mandate for Mirella, we had a chance to work closely together. Mirella is extremely astute in sizing up people, allowing her to understand the essence of the issue quickly and guiding her clients towards the best course of action. I say ‘guide’ her clients because she leads you towards your own decision by providing a very effective sounding board. Mirella’s strong personal values and business ethics complement her high professional standards. I recommend Mirella without any

Kaberi Dasgupta, MD, MSc, FRCP(C) Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University

Dr. Mirella De Civita’s deep knowledge of knowledge translation and qualitative research methods were critical in the publication of our work: The first was an application of diffusion of innovations theory to diabetes translation research, highlighting the key elements to achieve sustainable implementation of evidence- based diabetes management programs (DeCivita and Dasgupta, Journal of Public Health). The second was a qualitative examination of physical activity- related barriers and facilitators experienced by adults with type 2 diabetes who had participated in a supervised exercise program (Casey, DeCivita, and Dasgupta, Diabetic Medicine). Her collaborative spirit and astute knowledge were critical to our

Thiago Rodrigues, Alstom

Today, I received certification for the Alstom Senior Leadership program at our Americas HQ in Canada. It was an exceptional experience, featuring training and pod coaching with outstanding facilitators from [Papillon MDC]. I had the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the globe, fostering genuine networking and exchange. The training incorporated real-world examples, demonstrating how we, as leaders, can apply the techniques learned while contributing to the experiences and development of others. Alstom is investing in us to become leaders who will transform the region and the company, with empathy and accountability to deliver on expectations. I deeply appreciate and thank everyone for the opportunity to be part of this transformative group. Count on me for this journey! Stefano Di Lollo, congratulations! It was a pleasure to share this training and pod coaching experience with you.‎ ‎‎‎ 


I had the pleasure of participating in the Leaders Embodying AIR initiative consisting of leadership training sessions and coaching led by Papillon MDC, and it was an incredibly transformative experience. Specifically, Stefano possesses a remarkable ability to distill complex leadership concepts into actionable insights, making the training both engaging and highly practical. Thanks to Stefano, Mirella, and Kim, I feel more confident in my leadership abilities and equipped with a toolkit of strategies to inspire and guide my team effectively. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills and make a meaningful impact in their organization. ‎ ‎‎‎

Rolf Karlsson, Director – Software Engineering

Stefano is an excellent trainer who provides many personal examples. The course has offered me valuable insights that I am now applying in my daily work. While many aspects require constant effort, I now have some triggers that help me stay on track. Thank you. ‎ ‎‎‎

Keesha Davis, Alstom

This learning experience was unique because I was able to learn from the executive coaching while also learning about the company at the same time. Being able to partner with different leaders having various backgrounds from across the globe provided a glance into how we can impact our company and truly be the change we want to see. I appreciate working with Stefano especially because he did not shy away from using his own, personal experiences to connect with our Cohort. It made him more relatable. ‎

S. Palacios, Alstom

An excellent course! Very interactive, with a lot of participation, very complete, and very practical! Thank you very much for the sessions, Stefano, I truly enjoyed the entire course and group coaching, and aside from the fact that this will help us to be better leaders, it will help us to become better people! ‎ ‎‎‎

Yalena Cerrud

I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this high-caliber program for leaders. The learning will be very useful in my daily activities as project director. It was an incredible experience to carve out time and take advantage of this opportunity so I could invest in my personal and professional development by learning tools and strategies for effective leadership. Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Stefano Di Lollo. He is an incredible facilitator, leader, and coach who was always encouraging our participation and employing a very effective teaching style. ‎ ‎‎‎

Pedro Machado

I thoroughly enjoyed the program. The topics covered made me reflect deeply on my team management approach, the discussions with my team yielded valuable insights, and the in-person component was fantastic. Obrigado, Stefano! ‎ ‎‎‎

Diego Nitta, Alstom

This training was a completely unique leadership experience, emphasizing internal transformation. I truly feel like a completely different person today because of this opportunity. Thank you, Stefano and the Papillon team. ‎ ‎‎‎

Alstom Leader Embodying AIR

This was an excellent leadership training that I would recommend for all managers! Thank you, Stefano & Kim!!!!! ‎ ‎‎‎


I learned a lot from Mr. Di Lollo about taking my collaboration to another level. I truly think this will help me. I truly enjoyed the creative exercises and practice. I would recommend this program to others within Pratt because there are so many people that could benefit from this learning. ‎ ‎‎‎

David Bélanger, PWC, Mirabel Plant 15

I loved the breakout rooms, I would have actually liked even more time practicing in them. I really appreciated the virtual format and that Stefano broke it up in a convenient way which included a 1.5 hr lunch period. This program was of great value to me and my team. Thank you, Stefano. ‎ ‎‎‎

Engineering, PWC

Excellent content about being concise and invoking a different thought process during conversations which addressed the the challenges of providing feedback, paying attention, and empowering people to find their own solutions rather than problem-solving for them. Stefano kept things fun and relevant to real workplace realities. I like the 5-step model q-card. ‎ ‎‎‎

Stefano, this is more of a comment I want to share than a testimonial. From the first session, I could see the skills that were used with me during my coaching sessions with my manager. The techniques that were used during these sessions left me with a very positive outlook regarding my career goals. I am excited to use these tools with my team.‎ ‎ ‎‎‎

Pratt & Whitney

‎Very good course that helps us learn to switch our mindset from a technical person to a coach/manager role. Thank you so much, Stefano. ‎ ‎‎‎

Manager, Raytheon Technologies

‎Class content was clear and nicely delivered. Concrete examples and compelling format – Easy to integrate.‎ ‎ ‎‎‎

Senior Executive, P&WC, April 2024

The content shared was very interesting, well-structured, and to the point.  The team’s interactions were also good. An excellent experience overall. Stefano’s answers to my questions were helpful.‎ ‎ ‎‎‎

Pratt & Whitney Canada

Great course! Really appreciate Stefano’s enthusiasm! Well done keeping us engaged in a virtual class. I’ll recommend this course!!!‎ ‎ ‎


The course (Navigational Conversations) is very engaging and equips the participants with the proper skill set to install a constructive communication culture. Thanks, Stefano!‎ ‎ ‎

M.R., Pratt & Whitney

I have to confess, the idea of attending an all-day, in-person workshop on a Monday of all days, had me concerned about my workload management for the upcoming week. However, I’m so pleased that I took part! Stefano’s approach in encouraging us to think about and explore aspects often neglected in our day-to-day routines was truly valuable. I’m confident I can improve some relationships with colleagues and even some external suppliers that I’ve been avoiding because I wasn’t sure how to approach these uncomfortable situations. I enjoyed this program on collaboration using a coaching approach. Thanks.

Alstom leader embodying AIR

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have participated in the Alstom leadership program by Papillon MDC, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mirella and Stefano for this invaluable experience. Initially, I harbored some skepticism, particularly regarding topics concerning empathy in the workplace. However, as I opened my mind to the depth and creativity infused into the program, my doubts were dispelled. While the program primarily focused on work-related aspects, it gradually provided insights that not only enhanced my professional skills but also enriched my personal life. I found myself becoming a better individual, a more attentive parent, and ultimately, a more effective leader. I am deeply grateful for this transformative learning journey, which continues to impact me positively.

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